Why Ultriva

Your single source for supply-chain communication, providing a basis for multi-enterprise, multi-tier, end-to-end supply chain collaboration.

Gain visibility up and down your supply chain. Increase productivity across your material replenishment processes. Reduce inventory at buffer locations. And carry the right mix of inventory to deliver high service levels to your customers.

How? Through Ultriva’s Lean Suite of solutions. Our solutions allow you to collaborate with suppliers, sister plants, component manufacturers, distributors, and customers, all in near real-time.

Using Ultriva, our customers are able to establish individual replenishment loops and manage the end-to-end pull replenishment across their value chain. Make your supply chain your competitive edge.

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

Ultriva’s Lean Suite provides end-to-end supply chain visibility, collaboration, and execution for manufacturers and the companies participating up and down their supply chains.

  • Inventory savings of 20% – 50% of value
  • Significant and sustainable reductions in raw material, WIP and FG inventory

Demand-Driven Manufacturing

By establishing pull loops between locations, Ultriva customers can increase on-time delivery performance, reduce stock-outs, and eliminate costly last-minute change orders.

  • Reductions in stock-outs and expensive expediting costs
  • Higher order fulfillment rates and improved customer service levels

Sense & Respond Supply Chain

Effective tie-in of electronic Kanban (eKanban) signals to the purchasing and receiving process as well as to sales orders and outbound shipments.

  • Significant reductions in raw material, WIP and FG inventory
  • Sizable reductions to inventory carrying costs
  • Closed-loop MFG & SCM processes

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