Ultriva Quality Management System (QMS)

Highly configurable non-conformance reporting and corrective action management

Ultriva’s Quality Management System (QMS) allows manufacturers to integrate the nonconformity process as an integral part of supply chain management.

Key QMS Benefits:

  • Integrated with end to end supply chain processes
  • Track, trace, and resolve NCs with a few clicks instead of a series of excel spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls
  • Keep history of these NCs in an electronic format for regulatory compliance
  • Embed the quality ratings as an integral part of supplier evaluation
  • Gain full visibility to these processes from an organizational perspective

The QMS enables a nonconformity (NC) to be identified at any point — at the supplier, during inspection or audit, on the production floor, or at customer. The nonconformity is set for resolution in a workflow-controlled process.

The nonconformity can be categorized. Corrective action can be initiated. Affected lots can be quarantined. A timeline for resolution can be set, and exception alerts can be generated. This is offered as SaaS solution so that all the concerned parties are collaborating in real time.

The metrics computed from this quality infractions are automatically fed into a supplier rating scorecard in combination with the delivery, fill rate and other KPIs. These ratings are then used to evaluate supplier on a regular, ongoing basis.

Ultriva’s Quality Management System is best suited to industries such as aerospace, defense, automotive, pharmaceutical, life sciences, or any other manufacturing operation implementing a corporate quality system or needs to achieve regulatory compliance.

Restore trust in your supply chain and gain true visibility