Request for Quote (RFQ)

Let Ultriva's Request for Quote module manage all aspects of your supplier RFQ processes

Improve your strategic sourcing capabilities by utilizing Ultriva’s Request for Quote (RFQ). Employing social media communication concepts, the QMS manages all aspects of your supplier RFQ processes.

Streamline your creation of one to many vendor quotes and one to many item quotes. Through the RFQ, you receive a full audit trail of supplier interactions, including:

  • Quote submissions
  • Bid / no bid
  • Quote awards

In addition, the RFQ provides you with a full quote history by supplier and by supplier item for a full supplier and item history. As bids are submitted, the RFQ compares multiple bid responses, presenting them in a clear, table form, and then automatically identifies the most competitive competitive bid.

To add even greater efficiency, the Request for Quote module converts the selected supplier bid to a purchase order automatically.

All messages and communications between you and your suppliers are tracked and archived within the RFQ, making your audit trail even more comprehensive.

Ultriva’s Request for Quote module is fully integrated with the Collaborative Supply Portal.

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