About Ultriva

We Help Companies Migrate to a Demand-Driven Manufacturing Model

Very simply, forecasting doesn’t work. Ultriva helps manufacturers move away from forecasts to a demand-driven manufacturing and supply chain environment.

Ultriva has helped global manufacturing companies accomplish their goals of improved inventory turns, enhanced supply chain visibility, implementing end to end pull replenishment, and improved customer service levels. Ultriva offers cloud-based supply chain solutions that deliver near real-time and interactive collaborative portals for streamlining processes across suppliers, factories and customers.

Since our inception we have deployed our solutions at over 200 manufacturing plants in 20 countries collaborating with over 9,000 suppliers. Our customers are transacting over $3 billion in annual spend on their purchase parts.

Our global footprint is increasing rapidly with implementations in a wide variety of industry sectors and enterprises such as Brunswick Corporation, Becton Dickenson, Emerson, Ingersoll Rand, LivaNova, Regal Beloit, Magellan Aerospace, Vyaire Medical, Vuteq, and more.

Collaborative Supply Portal

Collaborative Supply Portal (CSP) allows streamlining of procurement into a manufacturer’s global supply chain through MRP orders, eKanban, and Request for Quote processes.

  • Enables E2E supply chain visibility, collaboration, and execution
  • Includes supplier eKanban

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Lean Factory Management

Lean Factory Management (LFM) allows the shop floor to sync with customers’ demand and to schedule production to meet customers’ want dates.

  • Levels, sequences, and schedules production
  • Includes internal eKanban and full OEE reporting

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Collaborative Demand Portal

Collaborative Demand Portal (CDP) allows manufacturing companies to establish a pull process for finished good replenishment with their distribution centers, OEM partners, or end customers.

  • Enables demand driven manufacturing
  • Includes customer eKanban

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Quality Management System

Ultriva’s Quality Management System (QMS) module allows manufacturers to integrate the nonconformity process as an integral part of supply chain management.

  • Manages product non-conformity & corrective action reporting
  • Includes supplier on-boarding, approval management, and reporting

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Request for Quote Module

Our Request for Quote module manages all aspects of supplier RFQ processes

  • Improves strategic sourcing
  • Employs social media concepts

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Inventory Optimization Tool

Our Inventory Optimization Tool (IOT) uses powerful simulation capabilities that uncover opportunities to reduce inventory expense and identifies items for eKanban.

  • Automatically determines optimal eKanban loop-size
  • Simulates future-state operational & financial performance

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