Ultriva Lean Suite Tour

Each Ultriva module below works independently or together

Collaborative Supply Portal

Collaborate Between Buyers, Suppliers, and Plants

Ultriva Collaborative Supply Portal (CSP) provides an easy-to-use platform for suppliers to access demand signals, acknowledge receipt of orders, and shipment of goods. CSP allows for real-time visibility with all trading partners.

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Lean Factory Management

Execute Lean Improvements Across the Production Floor One Cell at a Time

Ultriva Lean Factory Management (LFM) aligns production resources away from inaccurate forecasts and toward customer demand and capacity optimization. LFM provides a streamlined way to replenish materials to the line, schedule production, and optimize the sequence. Providing these metrics enables lean improvements across the production floor one cell at a time.

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Collaborative Demand Portal

Aligning Fulfillment Processes with Consumption Pattern

Ultriva Collaborative Demand Portal helps manage finished goods inventory in a dynamic, efficient, and real-time environment keeping pace with market demand. The Demand Driven Distribution establishes control of inventory flow between customers, dealers, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants.

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Inventory Optimization Tool

Identify Opportunities to Cut Inventory Expense

Ultriva Inventory Optimization Tool (IOT) uncovers opportunities to reduce inventory and identify parts for transition Kanban replenishment. IOT simulates the effect of changes in supplier lead time, lot size, and safety stock.

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Quality Management System

Ultriva’s Quality Management System (QMS) module allows manufacturers to integrate the nonconformity process as an integral part of supply chain management. Best suited to industries such as aerospace, defense, automotive, pharmaceutical, life sciences or other manufacturing operations that employ a corporate quality system or that need to achieve regulatory compliance.

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Ultriva Quality Management Tool