Case Study

Fitness Equipment

By integrating Ultriva’s Lean Suite with existing versions of its Oracle ERP system, this fitness equipment maker’s supply chain is now operating as a consumption-based replenishment model realizing a 28% decrease in lead times, and a 40% increase in inventory turns.


This Fitness Equipment Company (FEC) designs, manufactures and sells fitness equipment and accessories for commercial and home fitness customers worldwide. FEC employs over 2,000 individuals and manages over half a billion dollars in annual revenues.


FEC’s key supply chain objectives included improving its performance by providing its buyers and suppliers with greater visibility of demand and supply, a platform for collaboration and the establishment of an execution system to support its Kanban and MRP planned orders. Another key aspect of FEC’s requirement was to have its solution integrate easily and effectively with multiple versions of its Oracle ERP system.


FEC selected Ultriva’s Lean Suite featuring the Collaborative Supply Portal (CSP) with Electronic Kanban


Ultriva Lean Suite easily integrated with the multiple versions of Oracle ERP, resulting in greater supplier collaboration and improved performances and improving supplier on time delivery. The ease of use for supplier adoption allowed FEC to go from a handful of suppliers on the same system to over 60 on Ultriva’s CSP. FEC’s supply chain is now operating as a consumption-based replenishment model, resulting in:

  • 5% Increase in shipping performance
  • 13% Increase in Supplier on time delivery
  • 28% Decrease in lead time
  • 40% increase in inventory turns