Digital Transformation Efforts Just Got Fast-Tracked!

According to AIIM, 81% of organizations see Digital Transformation as a core part of their strategy to deal with disruption.

During this thought leadership webinar, Upland’s expert Blake Gilmore discusses how your organization can seamlessly implement smart practices to minimize business disruption, promote work from anywhere, and benefit from the flexibility and transparency that come with having modern business solutions in place. It’s time to empower your workers, boost your customer experience, and ensure better practices moving forward so you’re prepared for anything and are getting the most out of the content and data you manage.

In this webinar, we share:

  • What Digital Transformation is (and isn’t)
  • How Digital Transformation is more than just digital document management
  • Why Digital Transformation is imperative for success in our new business reality
  • What constitutes a smart Digital Transformation strategy
  • Real-life success stories of organizations already on the Digital Transformation path, highlighting how they’ve successfully navigated recent changes
  • Best practices on implementing a Digital Transformation strategy at your organization

Our Speaker

Blake Gilmore is a digital native who helps organizations to achieve their Digital Transformation goals through process consulting and software. Blake has guided more than 100 clients on their journey and builds upon these experiences to help individuals better understand the positive impacts of technology and innovative processes to benefit their organization.

Blake Gilmore
Director of Product Management
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“When going digital, the outcomes will never be exceptional unless you take the time to evaluate how processes can be simplified because they are digital.”

— Blake Gilmore, Product Owner and Digital Transformation Visionary, Upland Document Workflow Cloud

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Upland’s Document Automation Cloud helps enterprises streamline high-volume processes by securely capturing, digitizing, integrating, automating, and analyzing content-centric processes – from the point of data acquisition throughout workflow and to its final destination.

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