Introducing the MessageFocus Automation Program Builder

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We’re delighted to announce a brand new feature, which will make it easier and faster to create automation programs using MessageFocus. It allows you to visualize and build detailed, highly personalized customer journeys in a simple way.

What can the Automation Program Builder do for you?

This new feature is so easy to use, you can create a simple program in minutes, but so advanced that it can support complex customer journeys, offering interaction between an unlimited number of programs. So you can effortlessly send contacts from one program to another.

These are some of the key benefits:

Create automation programs more quickly and easily than ever before

The drag-and-drop interface makes the creation process intuitive and simple. You can use it to build welcome series, cross-sell and upsell, re-engagement campaigns, and so much more.

Relevant emails based on the actions subscribers take

Relevancy is no longer just about the message of your email campaign. With automation, you can send instant responses, or precisely timed follow-ups, to actions your subscribers take. That could be anything from completing a form to sign up to your newsletter, to clicking in an email to purchase, or advancing to a particular stage in your customer lifecycle.

View the entire customer journey at a glance

Now it’s really easy to visualize your whole program, with thumbnail previews of each campaign, time delays, lists and filters. You can zoom in to an area of particular interest, or zoom out to see the entire customer journey. And if you need to share it with your colleagues, anyone will be able to understand the logic of the program in seconds, no matter how complex.

Monitor the program’s performance at each stage

The interface not only allows you to quickly view the program, but also gain insight into how it’s performing with a built-in live counter showing how many contacts are going through each stage. Use it to identify roadblocks, particularly successful campaigns, iterate, tweak and optimize to push the performance of your automation programs further.

These are just some of the benefits of the new MessageFocus Automation Program Builder. Get started today and you’ll see how sending relevant messages with email automation is now easier than ever before.

The Automation Program Builder is available now. To access it, simply ask your Account Manager to turn the feature on for you. Or if you’re new to MessageFocus, find out more about the platform’s automation capabilities.

For tips and advice on how to make the best of marketing automation, read our tips and advice on the blog or read our brand new eGuide.

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