Campaign of the Month

Delivering a great hospitality customer experience with First-Person Email Marketing

The subject line for this campaign attracted a fantastic open rate of 59%.

When it came to making their client stand out through excellent customer service, Partner Fusion created a timely hyper-personalized email campaign to make the brand memorable and its customers happy. 

Brand: Reservation Desk/Reservation Counter
Agency: Partner Fusion
Partner Fusion are a marketing agency focused on customer acquisition, based in Utah. They use robust marketing systems and data algorithms to identify customers who are ready to purchase.
Designed and developed by: Jairus Pace

Campaign details

Subject line: Your upcoming stay at the *Location name*
59% open rate
58% more engagement with HTML email


What data was used?

Customers who had booked accommodation through Reservation Desk or Reservation Counter and would check-in the following day.


  • Provide good customer service to encourage repeat bookings

What makes this a performing campaign?

Part of the TravelPASS Group, Reservation Desk and Reservation Counter are sister companies who facilitate the booking of hotel accommodations at competitive prices. With fierce competition in the travel market, customer service and delivering great customer experience are the only ways to ensure repeat business. Their partner agency Partner Fusion knew that and they recognized the value email can bring in building great customer experience.

They chose a hyper-personalized email notification to delight the Reservation Desk and Reservation Counter customers. The campaign pulls data from their server via API and uses dynamic content and clever tagging to populate the email with these personalization points:

  • Customer name
  • Hotel name, logo and address
  • Itinerary number
  • Check-in and check-out date and time

The campaign is automatically triggered to the right contacts using a check-in date filter and Adestra’s Automation Program Builder.

With a view to achieving First-Person Marketing, Partner Fusion also used split-testing to see whether a simple text-based or a more complex HTML design would attract more engagement from the recipients. The campaign is also personalized with the source of the booking, showing either the Reservation Desk or Reservation Counter name and details.

The Results

The subject line for this campaign attracted a fantastic open rate of 59%. The designed email also attracted 58% more clicks compared to text-based version, not only from the video but also from the booking call-to-action.

As the company is focused on giving the best travel experience to their customers, including an easy way to extend their stay, this campaign helps them deliver on that promise automatically. This email has resulted in an increase of extended bookings and Partner Fusion plan to further optimize it with directions to the hotel and other features that can improve customer experience.