Selling Simplified

Altify solutions simplify complex sales so sellers can focus on what they do best: forging connections, delivering clarity, and fostering collaboration natively in Salesforce.

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Trusted by leading companies to deliver simplified selling

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Simplifying your most complex sales challenges

Difficulty identifying key players icon

Difficulty identifying key players

No clarity on who influences buying decisions

Missing critical buying insights icon

Missing critical buying insights

Lack of insights into buyers’ business challenges and motivations

Ineffective deal qualification and execution icon

Ineffective deal qualification and execution

Unqualified deals leading to lower win rates, deal sizes and longer sales cycles

Inadequate planning for revenue growth icon

Inadequate planning for revenue growth

Ineffective account plans to uncover hidden pipeline

Revenue growth isn’t easy.
But it can be simplified.

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Why choose Altify?

Selling Simplified

Enabling sellers to focus on what they do best – forging connections, delivering clarity, and fostering collaboration.

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Technology, strategy, and methodology

Easy adoption and growth path

Unmatched account selling expertise

Not Just Another Vendor

Altify’s goal is to help sellers be seen as trusted advisors, not just vendors. Because it’s your sales team that yields results, we want to give you real experiences and best practices from top sales leaders who know what it takes. Unveil inspiring stories to:

  • Win, Retain, Grow
  • Qualify Your Way to Better Sales
  • Know Your Customer

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Solutions to power your sales transformation and exceed your goals

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Altify Insights

Unleash the power of connections. Understand who the key players are and how you solve their business challenges.

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Altify Sales Process

Accelerate sales cycles. Map effective, repeatable sales processes to your customers’ buying cycles.

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Altify Opportunities

Boost deal size and win rates. Assess and qualify new deals to pursue opportunities you can win.

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Altify Accounts

Unlock new growth potential. Identify gaps and opportunities to grow and retain revenue.

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Industry leaders turn to Altify to make their great results, greater.

  • Datacom

Datacom uses Altify to boost overall sales effectiveness.

Datacom Limited is an information technology services company offering management and consulting, cloud services, ITO, data center services, custom software development, and payroll services. Datacom employs over 8,500 people globally and is the largest tech company in New Zealand.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the value of being Salesforce native?

Altify solutions are all 100% native Salesforce applications. We provide all the benefits of the considerable investments made by Salesforce in infrastructure, data management, controls, security, dependability and certifications.

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How Altify solutions work with ChatGPT?

Can I surface other Salesforce data within Altify solutions?

How do Altify solutions integrate with other solutions I have in my tech stack?

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