10 Stats on the Business Impact of Marketing and Sales Alignment

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Team Kapost

Marketing and sales alignment is more important than ever.

Nowadays, buyers expect a seamless brand experience across channels. And as more brands invest in delivering fluid customer experiences, the delight of receiving the right message at the right time becomes more than a nice-to-have; it becomes an expectation.

In B2B, one of the critical moments in a buyer’s journey—and a hard one for brands to nail down— is when a prospect is passed from marketing to sales.

Sure, we can have a sense of humor about it, but the stats below provide some insight into why sales and marketing alignment needs to be on your dig-deep-and-figure-this-out-ASAP list for 2015.

sales reps can't find content stat

1. 65% of sales reps say they can’t find content to send to prospects, representing the most common complaint cited by sales teams. (TWEET THIS!)


2. Demand generation and sales training teams report the least alignment around asset/content development (34.6%) and analytics/metrics (31.8%). (TWEET THIS!)


3. Only 1 in 2 companies say sales and marketing have a formal definition of a qualified lead. (TWEET THIS!)


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4. Studies show failure to align sales and marketing teams around the right processes and technologies costs B2B companies 10% or more of revenue per year ($100 million for a billion-dollar company). (TWEET THIS!)


5. Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost. (TWEET THIS!)

(source)sales cycle increasing stat

6. The average sales cycle has increased 22% over the past 5 years due to more decision makers being involved in the buying process. (TWEET THIS!)


7. When it comes to processes for lead nurturing and incubation, those companies where sales and marketing have blended ownership report better conversion rates. (TWEET THIS!)


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8. By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human. (TWEET THIS!)

(source)content marketers and sales enablement

9. 76% of content marketers are forgetting sales enablement. (TWEET THIS!)


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10. Companies with strong sales and marketing alignment achieve 20% annual growth rate. Companies with poor sales and marketing alignment have a 4% revenue decline. (TWEET THIS!)


Marketing and sales alignment: it’ll make your job  easier, your efforts more effective, and drive revenue for your organization. So start digging into your processes now. Tomorrow won’t cut it.

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