3 Ways to Prevent Provider Glitches from Derailing Your Deliverability

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recent glitch with AOL resulted in over 1,000 brands being blocked from users’ inboxes. The issue lasted for three days – bad news especially for any brand with a daily newsletter. Unfortunately, most brands had no idea there was a problem at all.

Getting a notification when something like this happens would be nice. But what if you could prevent issues like these entirely? At PostUp, we want brands to be able to avoid any issue that affects email deliverability. After all, if your email doesn’t reach an inbox, the conversation you’re trying to have is dead in the water. This is why we’ve partnered with Return Path to integrate their patented deliverability tools right into our platform. With this integration, you can identify problems before you send, resulting in improved delivery and higher conversion rates. Return Path allows you to avoid issues by:

  1. Performing a Deliverability Check: See what percentage of your emails will make it to the inbox with Seed Testing so you can make adjustments before sending.
  2. Seeing Before You Send: Check your email across more than 30 devices and browser combinations with Render Testing.
  3. Checking Your Spam Odds: Analyze your email against the major spam filters in advance, and adjust your content to maximize inbox placement.

These features are available in the PostUp platform as of today, which means you can view campaign and inbox deliverability performance data all in one place. Want to learn more? Check out this video:

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