8 Amazing Ways to Increase Subscriber Engagement

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The revenue from your email program relies on subscriber engagement in the form of click-throughs. If there is little subscriber engagement, your email ROI will suffer. The simplest way to put it: engagement equals money. So what if your audience isn’t engaged? Try implementing these 8 tactics into your email re-engagement campaigns to win back your subscribers, encourage engagement, and take advantage of email’s incredible ROI opportunities.

1. Live Content. If you present your readers with visuals that are appealing, you’ll be more likely to pique their interest. Try ditching static mail in favor of emails filled with rich dynamic content that can stun your email audience with targeted and highly relevant content, no matter what email client they’re using.

2. Create a sense of urgency. Creating urgency is a psychological way to quickly influence your subscribers to take a particular action. Do this by:

  • Including a countdown timer
  • Claiming scarcity
  • Invoking fear of loss
  • Including action words

Click here to learn more about how to create a sense of urgency in your email marketing program.

3. Use specific and easy to find CTAs. Clear and concise CTAs above the fold allow your subscribers to easily spot the CTA without having to scroll. A study by Marketing Land revealed that “above-the-fold calls-to-action received an average of 13% more clicks than their below-the-fold counterparts.”

4. Include social sharing options. Take advantage of the digital age. Social media sharing is a free way to score some cross-promotion, not to mention the power social proof it provides. By including live embedded social feeds rather than social icons linked to social sites in welcome emails, click rates are 75% higher. In addition, when social icons are included in all other emails, click-through rates are 158% higher than those that do not.

5. Design for mobile. Mobile platforms are on the rise with 41% of customers reading emails on mobile phones. If your email isn’t mobile-optimized, you’re leaving readers out of the loop and money out on the table. Test your emails to ensure they’re accessible across clients and consider implementing mobile-friendly email design, such as responsive coding.

6. Personalize to your readers. Don’t stop with sending your readers their name. Tailor the content they receive according to your data (assuming you’re collecting data, that is!). Segmented email campaigns get 62.84% more clicks than non-segmented campaigns. Creating segmented lists takes time, but it’s worth it. Click here to learn more on how to segment your lists.

7. Write with personality. Nothing is worse than receiving an obvious automated email with the tonality of a bored robot. Learn who your audience is and write content that will speak to them.  You’ve heard the phrase “write like you talk:” emails that are conversationally written are easier to read and get the audience intrigued, but don’t sacrifice clarity for conversation! Always proofread your copy to make sure you’re still getting your point across.

8. Utilize click heat maps. PostUp’s integration with Tableau Software has allowed us to optimize the click heat map to a new level. This feature enables our clients to see which part of their content receives the most clicks. In turn, the data gathered will allow for next-level A/B testing, assistance with subscriber segmentation, and more.

In conclusion, everyone’s audience is different. Finding the engagement booster that best suits your list will take time no doubt. But, your email marketing program will do nothing but reap rewards from the commitment. Are there any engagement factors that you’ve tried that aren’t listed?

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