How to Add SMS to Your Email Marketing Program

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Email, I would like to introduce you to SMS

When we talk to our customers regarding our SMS capabilities, one of the first questions they ask is, “How can SMS complement our current marketing program?”  We recommend leveraging SMS in two distinct ways: (1) growing your email list and (2) communicating short messages to your subscriber base.

How do I grow my email list via SMS?

The keys to growing your email list through SMS include having an enticing offer and strategically placing that offer.  An enticing offer may include something as “Text OFFER along with your email address to receive a 30% coupon!”   When one of your customers texts in their email address, we will automatically capture their information and assign them to a pre-configured email list.  You then have the opportunity to send a return SMS confirmation message or a confirmation email message.


What types of messages are best communicated via SMS?

Instead of asking new subscribers to send their email address, depending upon your business needs, you may want to simply collect their phone number to communicate to them via SMS.  The collection process is the same as collecting an email address.  Create an enticing offer and ask new subscribers to register for your SMS program.  In this case you will want to send an SMS confirmation as opposed to an email confirmation to welcome the new subscriber to your SMS program.

Where should I place my offers for SMS?

Placement of your offer is just as important as the actual offer.  At a minimum, include the offer on your brand’s website.  This is especially important for those companies that have mobile web applications.  Sending a quick SMS message on a cell phone is often easier than subscribing via the web.

Other opportunities include banners in store fronts for those that have them, a collection point on your Facebook page, and within your promotional or newsletter emails.  In general, you can ask for SMS subscriptions anywhere you would ask for email subscriptions.

What are some examples of campaigns where SMS is applicable?

As a reminder, SMS is not applicable for all types of messages that you want to send to your clients. SMS is best used when wanting to communicate short and timely messages. Some examples include:

  • Exclusive sales events for retailers
  • Alerts and transactions for financial institutions
  • Polls and survey questions
  • Registration for sweepstakes

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