Let Email Recipients Opt Down, Not Out, with a Preference Center

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Upland Admin

As digital marketers, we know that an aggressive approach can make an impact on recipients. Reaching out to your subscribers with relevant content also improves your reputation. That being said, message fatigue is real and poses challenges, not only for engaging and retaining customers, but also for deliverability.

Perhaps you are promoting a big sale and want to send out notices several times over the course of a week or two. You may capture a recipient’s attention after a couple of your messages hit their inbox. However, they could just as easily decide that too many emails are coming their way. In this case the recipient will either unsubscribe or worse, hit the spam button!

Instead of risking your customers and your reputation for a sale, why not give recipients the option to opt out of messages for that specific series? By creating a separate list for that campaign, you can allow recipients to opt out of that messaging stream but keep them in your larger database.

Recently, one of my favorite retailers promoted a big sale with this email option. I got several mailings about the sale but in each, the retailer included a module asking if the recipient wanted to opt out of the sale campaign. Clicking this option took me to a preference page where I could leave the specific series and update my overall preferences. An example of the retailer’s banner can be seen below:

Using a preference center is a great way to let your recipients opt down rather than out. As long as you are clear about what preferences recipients are adjusting and give the option to unsubscribe completely, you can retain more customers and even build brand loyalty by putting recipients in control of what they see.

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