The Importance of Welcome Emails

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Aloha! Bienvenido! Shalom! Swagata!

Every language has its own way of saying “Welcome”—and email is no different. But whereas the greetings in other languages are accompanied by a trademark nod of the head or a woman shimmying in a hula skirt, your email has only its content to get across your message.

That’s why it’s important to pay attention to your greeting: Your welcome email sets the tone for future communication with your subscriber.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before sending your first message.

Be clear

From beginning to end, be sure your subscriber recognizes you and your purpose. Start by using your name or your company name in the “sender” line of your letter. After a brief introduction, welcome your recipient and state your purpose. Then stick to just a few valuable points, keeping your message uncluttered. For visual appeal, add spaces between each short paragraph.

Set expectations

Your first message should tell your subscribers everything they need to know about future communication with you. Set the stage with a prompt welcome email, which sends the signal that you will be attentive and responsive. In addition, take some time to consider the format, which should remain consistently recognizable in every email. Then clearly state the frequency and value that your readers can expect to receive – and be sure to follow through.

Provide an incentive

You can use a variety of methods to entice your subscribers to get involved. One method is to address each reader as “you” to personalize your message and build a relationship. Another is to offer free gifts of content or useful tips that benefit them in some way. You can also add a twist to your call to action. For example, end with a question that piques curiosity or a deadline that adds a sense of urgency. Whatever technique you use, always include links to your social media pages so they can easily find out more.

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