Success Story

1440 Media

1440 Media migrates to a Dedicated IP environment with incredible success.

The Sender

The 1440 Daily Digest is an email newsletter produced by 1440 Media covering the biggest stories of the day across multiple industries and geography, all in a five-minute read. Using their experience in science, culture, business, military, and politics, they deliver a daily curated digest for their extremely loyal subscribers.

The Project

With a rapidly growing subscriber audience and over 600,000 monthly unique opens, 1440 Media was outgrowing their previous email service provider. They needed an enterprise-level email service provider that would provide them with more features, functionality, and automation than their current provider offered. The 1440 Media leadership team also required a more robust reporting tool to report and analyze their rapidly growing business. 1440 Media also needed to transition from a shared IP environment to a dedicated IP environment with no productivity or engagement loss.

The Solution

PostUp provided 1440 Media with assistance in every step of the transition. The setup included HTML templates, list importing, and a custom IP ramp plan to warm up their dedicated IPs. PostUp also provided step-by-step platform training and continues to host regularly scheduled calls with 1440 Media to help ensure their email success.

The Results

1440 Media’s email program was fully transitioned and ramped in approximately one month. This included site setup, migration of email templates and lists, and warming up their dedicated IPs. In their new environment, 1440 Media experiences extremely high open rates of over 50% and incredible overall engagement rates with their readers.

“We were blown away by the client service and how the PostUp team consistently went the extra mile to guide us during the (anxiety-filled) migration process.”



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