8 Tips for Mobile Email Design

Build emails that engage your audience across devices.

Need Help Going Mobile-Friendly?

You’re living in the future – not the Dark Ages – and your emails need to be mobile-friendly. Here are some helpful stats to put these modern times into perspective:

  • Your great-aunt isn’t just on Facebook; her pet chinchilla has an Instagram account and is Instafamous.
  • One out of every 3 pages on the internet has a cat video.
  • There is a Buzzfeed quiz about Buzzfeed quizzes.
  • 50-60% of emails are opened on a mobile device.

OK, so maybe only that last one is true… The point is, you’re living in the future; it’s time to take mobile design seriously. PostUp offers 8 tips that are new and improved to help you take your emailing to the next level. Just fill out the form to snag these clues now!


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