Supply chain management software that delivers the goods

Give your supply chain the competitive edge with real time visibility and collaboration tools to optimize every point along the supply chain.

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Get complete visibility and control with supply chain management software that's simple to use.

benefit 1

Collaborate up and down your supply chain.

Centralize communication for tighter coordination between all parties and meet just-in-time replenishment targets.

  • Manage the supply chain in a common portal that is visible to suppliers, carriers, distribution centers, and third-party logistics providers.
  • Receive system generated alerts and proactively work with all parties on recovery plans. Quickly resolve real or potential supply chain disruptions.
benefit 2

Boost profits with
demand-driven manufacturing.

Synchronize manufacturing and supply chain operations with actual customer demand to ensure the right parts and quantities are flawlessly delivered.

  • Implement pull-based replenishment via eKanban between distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and raw materials suppliers.
  • Strategically adjust inventory levels based on actual consumption of raw, work-in-progress, and finished goods.
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Take action on intelligence from the supply chain control tower

Implement, communicate, and measure operational and financial impact of recovery plans in near real-time.

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Continually improve enterprise value chain performance

Leverage data to drive cost savings and cost avoidance in day-to-day supply chain and manufacturing operations related to overstocking, last-minute shipping, and change order management.

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Onboard suppliers virtually in just a few hours

Enable barcode and RFID labeling starting from day one. Gain visibility from purchase order to receipt while optimizing receiving operations.

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Ultriva has really helped consolidate all the material movements and transactions and allowed us to focus on what's important – keeping our customers with parts.

Rodney Norris
Material Control & Warehouse Distribution Manager, Trane Technologies

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Activate your supply chain control tower

In an ideal world, manufacturers and their supply chain partners would work off the same near real-time data – together. Ultriva centralizes data for your operations so you can maintain control across the extended value chain.

  • Enable better collaboration and execution between manufacturing and supply chain operations from raw material suppliers, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and distributors all the way to customers.
  • Formalize and sustain lean production and continuous improvement within the shop floor through internal pull and optimized job sequencing.
  • Provide material planners, buyers, and suppliers with the tools they need to make fast, informed decisions to keep the goods in your supply chain moving.
  • Get complete visibility where your orders are – sub-assembly, final assembly, in a warehouse, or at a supermarket.

Supply chain management where you work

Ultriva works well with over 20 ERP systems to maximize results for data-intensive ERP transactions.

Connect with ERP systems, including:

  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • NetSuite
  • JD Edwards
  • QAD, and more.

Supply chain communication in one place.

Upland Ultriva makes smart collaboration possible with easy-to-use features to handle demand, manufacturing operations, supply chain analytics, and more.

Collaborative supply portal
  • MRP orders, eKanban and request for quote processes
  • Procurement enablement
  • Supply chain enablement with visibility, collaboration, and execution supplier eKanban meets process, operational, and regulatory requirements
Lean factory management
  • Shop floor synchronization between demand and production schedules
  • Levels, sequences
  • Internal eKanban and overall equipment effectiveness reporting
Demand portal
  • Finished goods replenishment process
Quality management system
  • Supplier onboarding, approval management, and reporting
  • Product non-conformity and corrective action reporting
Request for quote (RFQ)
  • Supplier RFQ process management
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Social media concepts
Inventory optimization tool
  • Simulation capabilities to reduce inventory expenses
  • eKanban item identification
  • Auto-determine optimal eKanban loop-size
  • Future state operational and financial performance simulation

A reliable supply chain management tool.
Real results.


Trane Technologies improves supply chain visibility, collaboration, and execution

Trane Technologies wanted better visibility and control over its supply chain operations to help reduce excess inventory costs and improve collaboration with its partners.

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25% Reduction in inventory

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