Missouri Department of Conservation Turns to Filebound to Achieve Money-Saving Efficiency


  • Missouri Department of Conservation (MO DOC) is charged with conserving and regulating Missouri’s over-stressed fisheries, forests and wildlife populations. Its goal is to continue a legacy of protecting the state’s wild resources and helping Missourians connect with their natural heritage so they can sustain diverse, healthy plant and animal communities well into the future. The department is staffed by 1400 employees based in multiple locations throughout the state.
  • MO DOC is committed to conservation, so the idea of eliminating as much paper as possible from the department’s day-to-day operations was appealing. Furthermore, the department simply did not have the physical space to handle the volume of records the state required it to keep. Because of this, backup and security were constant concerns. Unfortunately, the document management system the department first adopted to handle its staggering number of files quickly proved to be extremely costly and cumbersome. According to the director, “It was long on promises and short on delivery.” In addition to a high start-up fee, the department was asked to pay additional fees for OCR plus a “per seat” fee that was exorbitant when considering that 1400 “seats” were needed. The system required six servers and ran up enormous consulting fees for the state agency.
  • The final straw came when MO DOC discovered it would cost an additional $300-400K to take the department’s system to the next level toward its long-term IT goals. Even after spending that kind of money, it wouldn’t do what FileBound was able to offer in workflow automation.


  • When IMS, the vendor-partner, introduced MO DOC to FileBound, they saw immediately that FileBound could accomplish everything they wanted out of their current, unsatisfactory document management system at a fraction of the cost and without a lot of additional customizations.
  • IMS also showed how FileBound would help the department move closer to its long-term goal of achieving one enterprise-wide system from which all employees can access information.


  • After MO DOC implemented FileBound, employees began the process of converting files into the new, efficient FileBound document management solution. Since the department adopted FileBound, it has opened an additional office that has allocated absolutely no space for document storage. The director noted, “We are scanning between 600K and 1 million documents in order for this site to be file free.” The director believes that installing FileBound is consistent with the mission of the Department of Conservation. He commented, “A paperless system saves on trees. We already recycle as much as possible, but if there are no papers being printed, there’s nothing to recycle – and that saves trees.” FileBound cuts down on printed documents and storage space required. It has given MO DOC employees peace of mind knowing their 75-years worth of records are at last completely safe from fire and other destructive forces.
  • The department no longer relies on six servers to handle its documents and is saving about 3.9 weeks of employee time per year just by eliminating maintenance the old system required. In addition, the department is saving $1,000 per seat it would have paid for servicing their old system. The entire FileBound system is more affordable and more accessible to employees. FileBound has already proven to be a smart investment for Missouri Department of Conservation.