Our Bill of IT is easily deployed across organizational and geographic boundaries to create a single, unified, comprehensive global chargeback or showback process. Bill of IT is delivered on a scheduled and automated basis each month to provide business managers at all levels in the organization a detailed invoice of the cost and value of the IT services they consume. To further highlight the scalable and automated nature of our solution, many of ComSci’s customers deliver consumption details to each employee within the firm for the services they consume – this not only provides cost-control awareness and behavioral changes at the employee level but fosters an environment where the business units become partners with IT to ensure IT services are more effectively and efficiently consumed.

Key Attributes

  • Web-based reporting provides business managers with information to effectively manage demand
  • Supports chargeback or showback process for business managers to assess the quality and value of IT
  • Demand-based budgeting and forecasting capabilities with ability to maintain multiple versions based on different business assumptions
  • Optional integration with service costing for a total financial management solution
  • Role-based access supporting collaboration across the entire firm
  • Configurable dashboards so each ComSci user can design the information best suited for them

ComSci Bill of IT

Enhanced Financial Governance

Business unit managers will better understand how user demand for IT drives consumption and costs in their units. This information will assist the business in forecasting their future needs more accurately, track and manage usage and make more impactful decisions.

Demand-based Budgeting and Forecasting

IT teams should never develop their budget in a vacuum. They need to understand the initiatives being set forth by each of their internal clients in order to effectively develop a budget to support those requirements. ComSci offers demand-based planning and forecasting, enabling business managers to easily and quickly assign their consumption requirements to the IT services budget and forecasts.

More Effective Decision-making

With ComSci, business units are provided with management reporting and configurable dashboards that will illustrate their consumption and spend by end-user products, applications and projects, enabling more effective decision-making.