Upland people are the best people.

Our team is sharp, passionate, experienced, and a whole lot of fun to work with.

Meet our leadership.

Our executive team guides Upland in building our business and optimizing our products to create powerful, positive outcomes.

Jack McDonald

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Tim Mattox

President & Chief Operating Officer

Rod Favaron

President & Chief Commercial Officer

Mike Hill

Chief Financial Officer

Mounir Hilal

EVP & General Manager

Jed Alpert

EVP & General Manager

Karen Cummings

SVP & General Manager

Patrick Morrissey

SVP & General Manager

Virginia Miracle

Chief Customer Officer

Jim Rudden

Chief Marketing Officer

Richard Scheig

Chief Revenue Officer

Paul Miller

Chief Information Officer

Kin Gill

SVP, General Counsel & Secretary

Austin Woody

SVP of Corporate Development

Kevin Sequeira

SVP of Product Management

Ian Burk

SVP of Integration

Rochelle Delley

VP of Security and Compliance

Joseph Rodriguez

SVP of Global Accounts

Jen Verzal

VP of Human Resources

Amber Bennett

VP of Finance

Our team is pretty great. Want to join us?

We’re in the market for smart, positive, creative problem-solvers to join our team of 800+ global employees.

We look for people who take pride in their work, have an eye for delivering customer value, and love to take great ideas and run with them. Not literally, of course—unless you’re into running. You do you.

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