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Hi, we’re Upland.

We deliver software to the doers, the deliverers, and the day-to-day heroes of real-life business.

Meet our people
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It’s not about us. It’s about our proven products.

Every day, thousands of companies rely on upland to get the job done simply and effectively.

global users 1M+
25+ Products
10,000+ companies trust Upland

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Our values

Customer value is our fuel

Value is making a difference for our customers each and every day. That's what powers our business and energizes us.

Actions speak louder than words

When challenges arise, we rise to the occasion. We roll up our sleeves, get to work, and get the job done.

What you see is what you get

We are genuine, honest, and grounded in what's possible. We're intentional in everything we choose to do.

People are our most important asset

We are humans helping other humans, and want everyone to feel seen, respected, and heard.

Experience is a superpower

We are a team of experts who know how to work together to tackle real challenges and create success.

Our team is pretty great. Want to join us?

We’re in the market for smart, positive, creative problem-solvers to join our team of 1,000+ global employees.

We look for people who take pride in their work, have an eye for delivering customer value, and love to take great ideas and run with them. Not literally, of course—unless you’re into running. You do you.

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We can tell you how great
our teams are, but don’t
take our word for it.

Hear it from Uplander's in their own words.

Employee spotlights

Meet our leadership.

Our executive team guides Upland in building our business and optimizing our products to create powerful, positive outcomes.

Leadership Jack Headshot

Jack McDonald

Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, & Founder

Leadership Karen Headshot

Karen Cummings

President & Chief Operating Officer

Leadership Mike Headshot

Mike Hill

Chief Financial Officer

Leadership Matt Breslin Headshot

Matt Breslin

Chief Revenue Officer

Leadership Matt Smith Headshot

Matt Smith

General Counsel & Secretary

Leadership Dan Headshot

Dan Doman

Chief Product Officer

Leadership Oliver Headshot

Oliver Yates

Chief Sales Officer

Leadership Rick Headshot

Rick Rinewalt

Chief Technology Officer

Leadership Rochelle Headshot

Rochelle Delley

Chief Security Officer

Leadership Jonanna Headshot

Jonanna Mikulenka

Chief Accounting Officer

Leadership Toby Headshot

Toby Hottovy

SVP & General Manager

Leadership Shawn Freligh Headshot

Shawn Freligh

SVP & General Manager

Leadership Shawna Weaver Headshot

Shawna Weaver

SVP & General Manager

Leadership Sean Coleman Headshot

Sean Coleman

SVP & General Manager

Leadership Austin Headshot

Austin Woody

SVP, M&A and Corporate Development

Leadership Keith Berg Headshot

Keith Berg

SVP & General Manager

Leadership Amber Headshot

Amber Bennett

SVP, Finance

Leadership Brady Johnson Headshot

Brady Johnson

SVP, Customer Success

Leadership DJ Yoder Headshot

DJ Yoder

SVP, Customer Services & Support

Leadership John Headshot

John Patterson

SVP & Managing Director, EMEA

Leadship Jen Headshot

Jen Verzal

SVP, Human Resources

Leadership Jantzen Headshot

Jantzen McLellan

SVP, Business Operations

Leadership Michael Frannea Headshot

Michael Frannea

VP, Demand Generation and Corporate Marketing

Leadership Srinivas Headshot

Srinivas Sampath

VP, R&D & Site Leader

Leadership Lou Headshot

Lou Takacs


We’re always welcoming new products to our family.

We look for best-of-breed, cloud-based products that complement our existing portfolio, allowing us to broaden our reach and deliver more value to our customers.

Want to learn more about our acquisition strategy?

Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

This Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement is made on behalf of Upland Software, Inc., (“Upland”) and its wholly owned subsidiaries, pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the California Transparency in Supply Chain Act 2010 and constitutes Upland’s position with regards to modern instances of slavery, forced labor, and human trafficking (“Modern Slavery”).

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Upland’s Code of Conduct

Honest and ethical conduct is critical to our business. All employees, agents and contractors have a duty to comply with applicable law and to act in an honest and ethical manner.

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