Eliminate search fatigue with AI-enabled enterprise search software

Give employees, customers, and website visitors a search experience that gets the right results.

In our modern, technology-driven business climate, people are accustomed to having instant access to information as well as the ability to take immediate action on the information. They also expect intuitive search capabilities, where they can simply ask for what they need in natural language. However, the reality across enterprise search software, customer portals, and websites is far from that expectation, which wastes time and money and creates frustration.

BA Insight improves digital interactions through advanced, web-like search experiences that are relevant, personalized, and actionable. Our enterprise search software works within systems, customer portals, and websites—turning searches into actionable insights, regardless of where your content or users are. Upland BA Insight can be managed by us with our search as a cloud service, or organizations can implement and manage our software within your own environment. Out of the box, our user interface supports remote workers as it is optimized for responsive delivery on desktop or mobile devices, including phones and tablets.

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  • SmartHub provides a user experience platform that integrates with AI technology to deliver a modern, web-like search experience.
  • ConnectivityHub allows users to search across 90+ information sources to find just the right content for the task at hand.
  • AutoClassifier helps users find information faster using AI to recognize terms and deliver relevant first-page search results.
  • Smart Automation lets users take advantage of API-led connectivity to make search truly actionable.
“If I can save legal professionals even five minutes by helping them find similar work we’ve done in the past, or save them from having to do something from scratch, it helps us serve our clients more efficiently and improves the quality of the work. This is why to us, search is so important.”

Scott Mortenson
Knowledge Architect, Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe



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