KCS verified enterprise knowledge management software

RightAnswers is the complete connected knowledge management solution that uses AI and machine learning to improve the user and customer experience by enabling organizations to create a trusted knowledge sharing culture.

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Enterprise Knowledge Management System Diagram

A knowledge management platform that delivers a better customer experience

Benefit 1

Spread the power of connected knowledge across your organization

Give each member of your organization a seamless experience to find, use and create knowledge

  • Integrate with your existing software
  • Search in all available repositories and return results in a single view
  • Empower authors with best in breed authoring tools
Benefit 2

Knowledge management software that delivers meaningful multi-channel experiences

Combine AI-enabled search, customizable user-friendly interfaces and gamification to provide the best customer experiences

  • Control template fields to allow different views of the same article
  • Create decision trees to guide users through even the most complex processes
  • Connect knowledge to chatbots and self-service sites to give your customers what they need when they need it
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Streamline workflows and enhance efficiency.

Intelligent workflows help knowledge managers get compliant content published on time, every time.

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Get knowledge insights at your fingertips.

Interactive dashboards offer insights into the health of your knowledge base and provide information on knowledge base usage, effectiveness, and adoption.

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AI-enabled knowledge management and search.

Advanced search algorithms help identify the best knowledge for the user from one session to the next, automatically staying on trend with the latest most popular answers.

Upland RightAnswers Named to KMWorld AI100

We are thrilled that Upland RightAnswers has been named to the KMWorld AI 100 list, which recognizes knowledge management companies that are infusing their offerings with generative AI and related technologies to improve customer support and the customer experience.

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Upland, RightAnswers Fall 2023 G2 Badges
AI-Powered Knowledge Management

Delivering seamlessly connected knowledge management experiences

We empower customers by providing a comprehensive, AI-driven knowledge management solution that enhances user and customer experiences, fostering a culture of trust through seamless knowledge sharing. Join the movement shaping the next frontier in knowledge management.

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Customer Service Playbook

We asked our clients and prospects to tell us the biggest challenges they face in delivering extraordinary customer service to their customers.

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We work with your existing applications, and then some.

Upland RightAnswers’ many integrations make it easy for users to create, find, and share knowledge in the same place they perform their daily work, we call it connected knowledge.

CRM/ITSM integrations:

  • ServiceNow
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Cherwell
  • Genesys
  • NetSuite
  • BMC
  • Zendesk
  • Jira Software
  • Ivanti
  • And more…

Other tool integrations:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Sharepoint
  • Confluence
  • Google
  • Jive
  • BeyondTrust
  • Chat tools
  • SAML
  • Authentication tools
  • And more…

Plans and Pricing

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The RightAnswers X browser extension reimagines the concept of integrations for your business. Now you can deliver knowledge wherever your teams work.


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A reliable knowledge management system that delivers real results.


Nestlé ensures employees have the technology required to effectively do their job.

As in any organization, Nestle needed to balance this requirement with the cost of providing great support and chose to partner with RightAnswers by Upland.

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95% customer satisfaction

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The Road to Award-Winning KCS: A Case Study from Paychex

Paychex chose RightAnswers to implement a successful knowledge program using the KCS methodology to optimize call center activities.

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$3,000,000 savings per year

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Intelligent. Insightful. Easy to use.

Easily create, manage, and share knowledge among your employees, agents, and customers and watch your productivity levels soar

  • Community forums to encourage agent, customer and employee collaboration
  • Trigger automated workflows through commenting, feedback and sentiment analysis
  • Empower users to work together on creating and improving knowledge in the workflow
AI and machine learning
  • Configurability with Virtual Assistants and other AI initiatives
  • Innovative machine learning to speed up the content creation process
Integrate with ease
Simple knowledge creation
  • Built-in gamification to encourage new knowledge articles creation
  • Seamlessly import knowledge from Microsoft Word
KCS® verified
  • Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) Verified V6 – the first application to be KCS v6 Verified, demonstrating Upland’s leadership in, and commitment to, the knowledge management market
  • KCS methodology and processes built-in, with workflows conforming to KCS guidelines
  • A customized brand experience that answers your customers’ questions
  • Powered by your company’s unique content that’s combined with standard “Knowledge-Pak” content, a pre-populated collection of 40,000+ knowledge articles addressing the most common issues
Federated search
  • A centralized view of all your knowledge – wherever it resides
  • Extendibility to knowledge living in every corner of your organization
Analytics reports and dashboards
  • Insights into the health of your knowledge base with a quick summary of key knowledge management indicators
  • In-depth reports to inform you on the best information to provide your users

Deliver more personal and productive contact center experiences with the right knowledge software.

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