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We enable leading organizations to deliver amazing IT support and customer service experiences, because with RightAnswers knowledge management software:

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Agents are Awesome

Centralized knowledge base software turns your IT support and customer service agents into subject matter experts, by putting knowledge of all products and services at their fingertips. This cuts the time spent searching for answers reducing training time and support costs.

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Customers Keep Coming Back

Our cloud-based enterprise knowledge management and self-service software platforms drive customer loyalty by instantly providing relevant information across support channels including web, mobile, and chat.

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Employees are Empowered

Our Enterprise Knowledge Management Solution improves organizational productivity and lowers internal support costs by enabling your employees to find, create, and share company knowledge more intelligently.

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When it comes to cloud-based knowledge management, RightAnswers is loaded with smart features and intuitive functionality to help organizations easily create, manage, and share knowledge among their employees, agents, and customers. With RightAnswers’ knowledge management solution, you help your team know what they need to know, share what they need to share, and empower everyone to be more successful. Watch a recorded demonstration or take the tour and learn how RightAnswers enables knowledge sharing and collaboration across different departments within an organization.

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