Upland Software provides powerful reporting & analytics capabilities to measure performance and improve decision making.

Gain At-A-Glance Visibility With the Visual Portal

The Visual Portal enables executives and project managers to get at-a-glance visibility into the information that matters most to them. It allows any chart or graph in the application, including those associated with Dashboards or contained in Reports, to be presented in a flexible visual display. The graphic nature of the Visual Portal makes it readily apparent when portfolio investment, spending or resource allocation is out of line with budgets or organizational priorities. The Visual Portal allows full drill-down into the underlying project and portfolio information.

PPM Solutions - Reporting & Analytics

The Visual Portal Provides top-down visibility into portfolios, projects, and resources.


Conduct Ad Hoc Portfolio Analysis Using Interactive Dashboards

Similar to Visual Portals, Dashboards provide executives and project managers with high-level visibility into pertinent information, but in the form of data tables rather than charts and graphs. Spreadsheet-like flexibility makes Dashboards a more powerful tool for program visibility and ad hoc analysis, empowering executive decision making in areas such as budget rebalancing and optimizing the portfolio to address changing business needs. Dashboards are completely configurable, and can include any desired column, including custom key performance indicators and formulas that aggregate data across a program or portfolio. Users can easily sort, filter, group, summarize data and resize and re-order columns on the fly. Thresholds may be set for performance indicators to provide automatic color coding (such as red-yellow-green cell shading) to highlight key elements of project performance. Projects and work can be included/excluded at a click for quick “what if” visualization. As in the Visual Portal, Dashboards also allow full drill down into the details of the underlying portfolios or projects.

PPM Solutions - Reporting & Analytics
Interactive Dashboards allow data to be grouped, summarized, filtered and sorted on the fly.


Track Any Performance Indicator with Measures

Measures allow users to create any desired custom formula or performance indicator. Historical values may be tracked and can be compared to benchmarks and baselines, with color-coding and automated alerting when values fall outside of desired thresholds. Measures can be used to track progress against strategic objectives, track operational metrics, or perform advanced financial calculations (such as NPV or ROI) at any level of the portfolio. Measures may then be included as a column on a project or portfolio Dashboard, or included as part of a Visual Portal.

Export and Share Insights via User-Friendly Reporting

PowerSteering’s Report Wizard allows customers to quickly and easily create exactly the reports they need to more effectively manage their portfolios, projects, budgets, and resources. Via an intuitive point-and-click interface, business users can select one of the dozen out-of-the-box report views, then choose the desired data, layout, grouping/sorting, summarizations, charts and format options – all without requiring technical resources or database query expertise. The Report Wizard greatly increases the number of report types available “out of the box,” and drastically reduces the amount of effort required for report creation. Additionally, the Report Wizard allows users to generate reports directly from Microsoft® Excel templates, integrating the power of Excel into PowerSteering’s comprehensive reporting capabilities. This extends sophisticated spreadsheet analysis to non-technical users, helps eliminate human error in compiling data, and is an enormous time saver for teams that rely on Excel in their regular reporting processes.

Advanced Reports allow customers to produce complex and “picture perfect” reports that are otherwise unavailable with the Report Wizard. This includes reports that assemble complex and diverse information, which may be used by executives and boards for portfolio review and strategy meetings.  PowerSteering can provide all the documentation and training needed for clients to get started with Advanced Reports, or customers can hire PowerSteering to create any desired report for a flat fee.

All PowerSteering reports, whether created through the Report Wizard or Advanced Reports, can be scheduled to run automatically on a recurring basis and automatically delivered via email to a specified group or distribution list. Additionally, from most pages in the application data can be output to popular file types, including PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, PowerPoint, RTF and HTML, with a single click.


PPM Solutions - Reporting & Analytics
The Report Wizard guides users through report creation step by step.