Project portfolio management software for strategic execution

Accelerate your enterprise vision with PPM software that syncs strategy with planning, execution, and results.

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Strategize, collaborate, and execute with agility with our enterprise project portfolio management tool.

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Focus on delivering strategy

Identify and prioritize work aligned to corporate goals that bring value to the organization.

  • Define, track, and prove project performance that align with expected business outcomes
  • Align multi-disciplinary teams to optimize delivery and value
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Streamline processes for effective work management

Reduce time to market and increase revenue

  • Consolidate work around value streams that drive results
  • Enable intelligent, nimble decision-making with impact analysis and real-time constraint identification.
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Enable visibility

Centralize data from disparate sources to visualize real-time performance metrics related to resources, financials, and project progress.

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Execute with financial transparency

Forecast, plan, and track all project-related costs including Capex, Opex, IT financials for a 360-degree view, and actualize real dollar savings.

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Fuel collaboration

Unify teams following agile, waterfall, and hybrid processes into a central view to perform and communicate efficiently.

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The Heritage Group: Paving the Way for Continuous Improvement (and the Indy Motor Speedway)

Join us for an open and engaging session about how to put effectiveness over efficiency and gain the motivation needed to tackle transformation initiatives in new and unconventional ways.

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Project portfolio management software and then some

Our enterprise-grade PPM software meets the needs of diverse use cases, purpose-built to deliver out-of-the-box value with vast opportunities to expand and grow.

Continuous Improvement / Business Process Improvement

Prioritize programs that demonstrate productivity and cost savings.

  • Configure any process methodology including RAID, DMAIC or ASDEO.
  • Visualize cost vs. benefit vs. time.


Introduce governance and accountability for project execution.

  • Align IT project execution with corporate objectives.
  • Monitor cost and performance of outsourced IT activities.

Enterprise PMO

Drive projects and portfolio activities that bring maximum value to the overall business.

  • Align executives, finance, and other stakeholders.
  • Connect strategies, priorities, investments and resources.

New Product Development

Deliver product innovation at scale and increase portfolio value.

  • Conduct business case evaluation and prioritize the highest value projects.
  • Apply a fail-fast methodology with stage gating approvals.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Act quickly on Day 1 to ensure optimal transition outcomes.

  • Develop an integration plan that tracks time, cost and impact.
  • Plan ahead to reduce risk and minimize disruption.

Reliable products.
Real results.


British Sugar needed a single source of truth to promote organizational accountability for change.

British Sugar activates performance improvements in cost vs. benefit vs. time.

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Johnson Controls needed continuous improvement software to help them launch and manage a new cross-divisional Six Sigma initiative.

Since implementing PowerSteering, JCI was able to replicate best practices across their global manufacturing facilities that resulting in significant cost savings and a reduction in energy usage and GHG emissions.

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Embrace Complexity. Deliver Simplicity with the right PPM software.

Upland PowerSteering streamlines enterprise portfolio management with powerful features and rich, configurable analytics.

Program and portfolio management planner
  • Central program console
  • KPI dashboards and drill down reports
  • Continuous program-level planning
  • Reprioritization, funding reallocation and trade-off analysis
Demand management
  • Centralized idea capture
  • Out-of-the-box business case development
  • Customizable weight scoring for risk, alignment, priority, etc.
  • Program or agile-centric prioritization
  • Configurable project criteria ranking
  • Demand and business impact prioritization
Project planning, execution, and delivery
  • Central program console
  • KPI dashboards and drill down reports
  • Continuous program level planning
  • Reprioritization, funding reallocation and trade-off analysis
Resource planning and utilization
  • Capacity forecasting and reallocation tools
  • Personalized bottleneck identification
  • Configurable resource demand and availability grouping o Resource management to match needs
Time tracking
  • Web and mobile timesheet capture and approval
  • Agile time tracking against stories, epics, or projects
Financial analysis across projects, programs, and portfolios
  • Phased benefit tracking with configurable categorizations and approval processes
  • In-flight expense tracking
  • Cost vs. benefits, OpEx, and CapEx
  • Financial roll-up including project, program or portfolio analysis
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • Document management tools

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Optimize IT investments to support business growth.

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