Let Us Help You Find the Right Application

We know it can be difficult to navigate through all the features and functions to find an application that fits your needs. We are here to help make it easier. Upland provides two best-of-breed project portfolio management (PPM) applications focused on the unique requirements of today’s diverse users.

We empower user adoption and productivity by providing the right tool for the right job, addressing:

  • Strategic top-down portfolio management
  • Tactical bottom-up project management and collaboration
  • Simplified project and portfolio management
  • Some of the major areas we help people solve problems are:

    • Healthcare professionals needing project help for prioritization, time and budget control and resource management.
    • IT organizations looking to prioritizing projects, understand project value, control costs and report progress.
    • Schools without tools that need centralized out-of-the-box solutions with improved processes and fast results and reporting.
    • State, Local and Federal government agencies and contractors needing viability, budget control, compliance processes and reporting for initiatives and projects.
    • Banking and Insurance companies tracking financial data, understanding project status and reducing resource bottlenecks.
    • SharePoint enterprises looking to extend the value of their project management implementations.
    • Process Improvement and Six Sigma initiatives needing to align strategy with projects and improve processes.
    • New Product Development leaders looking to accelerate time to market and control costs.

    No matter what your needs are for Project Portfolio Management, contact us today to let us help.

    Powerful Applications. One Proven Vendor.

    Upland Software PPM Business Drivers and Key Benefits

    Strategic Alignment and PrioritizationIdentify and invest in the highest value projects that align to your organization’s strategic objectives.
    Portfolio VisibilityStay informed with the project information you need to make better decisions, clear obstacles and drive results.
    Resource Demand and UtilizationGain visibility into upcoming demand that will affect your most valuable resources. Prevent over allocation and ensure the right resource is assigned to the right work for maximum productivity.
    Task and Schedule ManagementEnsure all tasks are accounted for to increase project delivery success. Choose between multiple scheduling tools to guarantee you have the right one for the job.
    Process ImprovementWhether you are looking for Lean Six Sigma, Agile, SDLC or other standards/processes critical to your business, Upland has the tools to maximize process excellence.
    Financial ManagementCompare budget to actual spend in order to reduce financial risk and prevent unnecessary cost overruns on all projects and work.
    Project and Work CollaborationShare knowledge and better collaborate with teams across your organization to increase productivity and efficiency through the mode of communication that’s best for you. Keep teams updated with real-time data to prevent duplicate work and to streamline communication.
    Business Reporting and IntelligenceLeverage one of Upland’s pre-configured dashboards and reports to gain insight into real-time portfolio status. Analyze KPIs to make better decisions and reduce risks.

    What Our Customers Are Saying

    PowerSteering is reflective of the Voice of the Customer. Its flexibility and adaptability have enabled us to achieve rapid progress and report results in real-time.”

    — Department of Defense

    Eclipse PPM has become an invaluable tool to manage and plan our project workload and to identify and manage the resources required to handle them.”

    — Hamilton Health Sciences