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From modernizing healthcare records to bringing efficiency and transparency to public highway projects, our customers are achieving big things using Upland products.

Web Content Management

Cantor Fitzgerald: Enhancing Visibility of Financial Products

“Before Clickability, updating our websites was inefficient. Between the change request, getting it in the queue and going live, it used to take us a long time. Now we can do the same thing in minutes.”

Teddy Chamorro, Assistant VP, Interactive Services  Learn more.

Ciena: Building a Website Marketing Hub

“We are thrilled with the way that the new user interface gives our marketing team the necessary control to support our digital strategies.”

Cory Reed, Director of Digital Marketing Learn more.

Program and Portfolio Management

Eaton Truck Division: Driving Better Management

“Part of our IT strategy is not to have to become application experts to use our solutions. Tenrox is simple to use and configure, and I view them as the project management specialists, so I can rely on their expertise.”
Mari Skippers,  IT Business Analyst Learn more.

Crosspoint Engineering: Cutting Data Entry and Invoicing Time

“Immediately following the implementation of Timesheet, we were able to reduce our data entry and billing time by 80%.”

Gary Woods, President Learn more.

Document and Workflow Automation

Trinity: Streamlining Contract Management

Trinity found a way to streamline the contract management process and make lost files a thing of the past. Learn more.

Missouri Department of Conservation: Saving Trees, Saving Costs

Thanks to FileBound department no longer relies on six servers to handle its documents and is saving about 3.9 weeks of employee time per year just by eliminating maintenance the old system required. Learn more.

East Texas Medical Center EMS: Reducing Billing Cycles

With FileBound, this East Texas Medical Center has cut its billing cycle from 60 days to one week.  Learn more.

IT Financial Management

PPG Industries: A Holistic View of IT

“The accuracy of our data is now much greater, primarily because of the enhanced visibility provided within the ComSci solution. This allows each department to analyze its utilization of services and track its internal budget. Better visibility also enables managers to control demand, which has resulted in reduced overall spend.”

Denise Vay, Senior IT manager of Financial Services Learn more.