Success Story

Commercial bank uses OL Connect to streamline workflows and enrich customer communications

This busy financial firm needed a solution to integrate with their current systems to enhance productivity and client correspondence while adhering to strict compliance regulations.

Objectif Lune’s OL Connect software integrated with the bank’s existing IT infrastructure to automate processes, enable digital communications, and maintain compliance. By implementing OL Connect’s document composition and automation capabilities into their operations, the financial institution found an elevated solution to increase efficiency and accuracy to document processes and deliver personalized multi-channel communications to their customers.

Customer success highlights

  • Eliminated outsourcing and managed an internal solution to minimize overhead expenses
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy by removing manual intervention and error-prone tasks
  • Complied with security and industry regulations
  • Improved the customer experience by sending highly personalized print or digital communications based on their preferences

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The challenge

The bank was challenged with an outdated Customer Communication Management (CCM) product which hindered the ability to simplify and modernize document processes, maintain compliance, and enhance customer communications.

How they did it

The financial institution implemented OL Connect, which seamlessly integrated with their current IT infrastructure and replaced the organizations dated CCM product to enrich document design, improve business operations, and support compliance.

The results

With OL Connect the bank experienced smooth, accurate, and effective workflows to increase staff productivity. OL Connect eliminated the need for outsourcing which enabled the financial firm to lower operational expenses, preserve the security of confidential data, and adhere to industry standards and regulations.

Additionally, OL Connect helped improve the bank’s client satisfaction by delivering highly customized and multi-channel correspondence based on their preferences.


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