Success Story

Insurance broker advances operations and expands to digital communications with OL Connect

This active insurance company needed a solution to integrate with their existing ERP system to boost print operations, enhance document design, and provide multi-channel communications to customers.

The insurance firm seamlessly integrated Objectif Lune’s OL Connect software with their current ERP system to simplify processes and enhance customer communications. OL Connect provided the organization with automation and digital tools to elevate print and mail production and deliver multi-channel correspondence to their clients.

Customer success highlights

  • Optimized print and mail operations and cut costs
  • Enhanced quality control and accuracy by eliminating manual and error-prone tasks
  • Improved customer satisfaction with automated email distribution and digital communication options
  • Reduced mailing and postage expenses with multi-channel delivery capabilities
  • Retained brand consistency for all customer-facing correspondence

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The challenge

The insurance broker had an outdated ERP system that restricted their ability to streamline workflows and distribute communications based on customer preferences. The business required a solution that would enable multi-channel output, flexible document design, and automation capability.

How they did it

The insurance firm implemented OL Connect to significantly enhance their ERP output without changes to the systems in place.  With OL Connect, the business can leverage data from their ERP system and various sources to easily automate processes and create attractive, concise, and personalized communications for customers across multiple channels.

The results

The insurance firm centrally managed print and mail operations and transitioned to digital communications. OL Connect enabled the business to achieve more efficient processes, increased staff productivity, and lower administration and postage expenses. Additionally, the ability to deliver modern multi-channel communications improved client satisfaction.  

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