Success Story

Service Bureau Jansen optimizes print production and expands to digital communications

This commercial print provider used OL Connect to enhance print production and grow their business with multi-channel communication offerings.

Service Bureau Jansen used Upland Objectif Lune’s OL Connect technology to eliminate manual tasks and enable digital transformation.

OL Connect provides SBJ with a flexible solution that interacts with various systems, streamlines workflow processes, and allows the delivery of personalized and multi-channel communications to their customers.

Customer success highlights

  • Seamlessly worked with various systems and sources
  • Automated document creation and print routines
  • Streamlined workflow processes and eliminated manual tasks
  • Capitalized on the ability to deliver personalized and multi-channel communications


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The challenge

The print service provider was challenged with rigid systems and inefficient processes. The company faced issues collecting, managing, and centralizing documents and data within these systems, and tedious, error-prone manual tasks were bottlenecking customer delivery times. The business was limited to print output only and struggled to stay competitive in today’s market and satisfy customer expectations to deliver digital communications.

How they did it

Service Bureau Jansen leveraged OL Connect, which seamlessly integrated with their business systems, to enhance data management and print production, automate processes, and support digital transformation. With OL Connect, the business has a simple solution to receive data from various clients, systems, and sources. They can easily manage workflow processes to save time, reduce errors, and gain cost-saving efficiency. The service bureau’s print devices can operate at full speed, and they can present their clients with digital output options.

The results

Service Bureau Jansen experienced smooth and effective workflows and enhanced production with the ability to print via optimized print streams. Customer delivery is faster than ever, improving satisfaction. With the reduction of manual labor, they cut costs and lowered operational expenses. Digital communication offerings also increased revenue.


“With OL Connect, recall actions can be arranged within one day, as part of the marketing services for our clients, which ensures optimum customer experience.”

– Bart Jansen
Managing Director

Service Bureau Jansen (SBJ), Netherlands


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