Success Story

Ecological Mailing creates new business opportunities and gains competitive advantage

This print service provider implemented OL Connect to successfully diversify offerings, improve production processes, and generate new revenue streams.

Ecological Mailing used Upland Objectif Lune’s OL Connect software to diversify their services ranging from transactional document production and printing to multi-channel distribution.

OL Connect equips Ecological Mailing with streamlined and fully automated processes, allowing them to complete a variety of orders that generate additional revenue and a higher satisfaction rate among customers.


Customer success highlights

  • Worked with various systems to improve customer satisfaction and project turnaround times
  • Streamlined transactional document processing with automated workflows and postal sorting to maximize postal savings
  • Grew business by handling more projects
  • Diversified services and communication offerings to clients


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The challenge

The print service provider was challenged with a legacy infrastructure which hindered the company’s ability to meet customer requirements, offer value-added services, and achieve fast turnaround times for customized print and mail orders. The business was seeking a solution that would work with their current systems to help them streamline processes, generate new business opportunities, and remain competitive in today’s print market.

How they did it

Ecological Mailing used OL Connect to seamlessly integrate with their existing business systems and deliver new services. The print service provider applies OL Connect’s process automation and digital tools to manage transactional document generation and processing while extending distribution to various channels including print, email, and web. Now, manual handling has been eliminated, recurring procedures are automated, and records are automatically archived in their document management system (DMS).

The results

Ecological Mailing optimized print procedures and built a strong position in the transactional print market. Employees can now fulfill more complex jobs and ensure that they are completed to superior standards. Customized workflows help meet specific deadlines and improve direct marketing services. The business can enhance the customer experience, provide personalized multi-channel communications, and benefit from postal discounts.


“OL Connect is a robust and reliable solution with great customization capabilities, a must in our market.”

– Sergio Herrera Gonzalez
IT Director
Ecological Mailing


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