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Find it faster with Enterprise Search

Web-like, advanced search that delivers relevant, personalized, and actionable results.

Organizations have more data than ever spread across both on-premises and cloud systems, making it challenging and frustrating for employees to quickly find relevant information.

That’s where BA Insight’s powerful enterprise search solution comes in.

Imagine if you had search technology that could:

  • Provide users with one seamless internet-like search experience across applications
  • Enable users to quickly find the most relevant “first-page” results they need
  • Connect users with subject matter experts to help them work smarter
  • Display personalized, highly relevant results on dashboards for faster evaluation

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Connect knowledge seekers with the right answers

By bringing the internet to the enterprise, BA Insight helps maximize the value of your intranet and digital transformation projects.


  • Provide personalized search results by utilizing Natural Language Query, Bots, and Machine Learning-based recommendations
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  • Utilize nearly 100 out-of-the-box connectors for enterprise systems to provide users with access to content wherever it resides
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  • Automatically generate metadata to provide the detailed content tagging and categorization that delivers quality search results and user experiences
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Smart Automation

  • Enable users to complete tasks across multiple applications at the click of a button, without leaving search
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  • Provide search capabilities directly from within many enterprise applications such as ServiceNow, Microsoft Teams and Outlook, NetDocuments, Salesforce, Chrome, Dynamics, and more
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Three quarters of employees think information is easier to find outside of their organization vs. within their systems

9 hrs

Employees spend as much as nine hours a week simply searching for relevant information needed to complete their tasks


Employees spend nearly 1/5 of their average workday bouncing between systems to find information

Improve employee productivity
with Web-like Search

Delivering personalized and connected search experiences across the enterprise helps employees quickly find needed information, regardless of where it exists. Learn how advanced search saves valuable time and reduces employee frustration, resulting in a more productive team.

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