Advanced cloud-based document capture software with routing and fax

Improve efficiency by automatically classifying documents, extracting data, and delivering downstream to any application.

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Put your data to work by easily capturing documents, images, and faxes

Intelligent Capture Benefit 1

True cloud capture

Empower your team with cloud-accessible document processing capabilities to send content to custom workflows or business systems.

  • Machine learning enhances cloud capture by determining document types and identifying related processes
  • Reduce your maintenance headaches with a cloud service that requires no hardware purchase or upkeep
Intelligent Capture Benefit 2

Simplify your document and data work

Streamline and analyze your document data with dynamic workflows and centralized dashboards.

  • Create infinite custom workflow configurations for common and complex business processes
  • Protect sensitive information by sending and receiving via secure
    cloud fax
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Empower your people with access.

Enable remote workers to capture documents and images from any device and route to workflows from our user-friendly, accessible-anywhere interface.

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Reduce errors and misfilings.

Automated data extraction and quality control processes reduce manual entry and lower the risk of misfiling information.

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Double down on scalability.

Pay only for what you need and increase as your volume does, knowing that our infrastructure will expand to meet the demands of your growing business.

Upland Intelligent Capture has allowed our customers to refocus their technology efforts toward enhancing the business workflow process by alleviating the everyday tasks of on-premise server maintenance and administration.

Rachel Weseman
President, DCMWare, Inc.

Efficient data capture software that plays well with others

Our innovative capture technology is outfitted with machine learning to automatically gather images and improve data accuracy at every step.


Capture and route sensitive patient information and records quickly and securely.

  • Ensure HIPAA-compliance via features like full auditability and cloud fax
  • Utilize metadata extracted from documents to route data to any Health Information System (HIS) folder

Financial Services

Ensure business continuity and automate document-driven processes.

  • Eliminate disparate branch communications with one central submission point
  • Apply least cost fax routing features to reduce costs for internal messages


Expedite access and turnaround time for document-intensive legal processes.

  • Scan, profile, and submit documents to clients and case-related files faster
  • Mobile capture allows lawyers on-the-go to securely capture documents from anywhere

State/Local Government and Education

Simplify how your organization runs on document-based processes.

  • Accelerate and centralize vendor invoices and HR onboarding processes
  • Make sure PII communications are securely transmitted through fax

Integrations to help you get more done

Upland Intelligent Capture works well with your existing systems, so you can minimize bouncing from application to application and just get down to business.

DMS and ECM Systems
  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint
  • NetDocuments
  • Upland FileBound
  • HP Workpath
  • Any network-enabled MFP

Fax Systems
  • Upland CloudFAX
  • Upland InterFAX
API Export
  • REST

Enterprise-ready, right out of the box

Smoothly transition from legacy on-premise fax to fully hosted capture and cloud fax to align with the growing demands of your business

Capture features
  • OCR, conversion, and compression
  • MFP and scanning device enablement
  • Mobile capture from any device
  • Advanced routing capabilities
  • Data loss prevention features
Robust security and encryption
  • Encryption at rest
  • Authentication via private and public key signatures
  • Full audit trail for all documents and faxes
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) integrated
Enterprise capabilities
  • Scalable infrastructure to fit evolving volume
  • Supports Active Directory
  • Automated activity reporting and analytics
Flexible customization
  • Customizable workflow rules
  • Individual, group, and admin permissioned views
  • Integrates with many line of business systems
Classification and extraction
  • Supports structured, unstructured, and semi-structured documents
  • Automatically classify document types
  • Extract information and index for submission
Global support
  • Interfaces are localized in 7 different dialects*
  • Output OCR to over 42 different languages
  • Support coverage available 24/7

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