5 Essential Features of a Modern Knowledge Management Platform

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Stin Mattu Product Marketing Manager for Contact Center Products

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, an organization’s ability to capture, organize and leverage its collective knowledge is critical to driving productivity and delivering exceptional customer experiences. A knowledge management platform serves as the backbone of these efforts, providing a centralized hub for storing, accessing and sharing information across the enterprise. But not all knowledge management platforms are created equal. A handful of essential capabilities—like robust integrations, AI-powered authoring and KCS verification—are critical to harnessing the collective wisdom of your organization.  

Let’s explore five must-have features of a modern knowledge management platform. 

1. Powerful integrations

Access to knowledge in the moment of need is critical to service support. An agent helping solve a customer problem needs information on-screen in whatever environment they’re working; they don’t have time to open a new program or pop open a new tab and log in.  

The right knowledge management platform integrates with your preferred CRM and ITSM software to connect information across the entire enterprise. An agent working in Salesforce or ServiceNow, for example, should be able to access the knowledge search natively within that environment without leaving the screen.  

RightAnswers takes this one step further by offering a browser extension that brings knowledge to any website or application. That means agents can search for and utilize connected knowledge from anywhere on the internet. 

2. AI-supported authoring

It goes without saying that any knowledge tool should have powerful, AI-supported search. That’s what allows agents and users to easily and quickly find the information they need.  

But the best platforms are now using AI in a new way: to aid the authoring of knowledge articles.  

RightAnswers, for example, has built an AI Knowledge Assistant, which harnesses the power of ChatGPT to automate most of the article creation and management process. With a simple prompt, an agent creating or updating an article can cue the assistant to write, edit, restructure or proofread content. The assistant can even populate the best keywords to ensure the article is easy to find for other users.  

Less time creating content means more time solving customer problems. 

3. KCS verification

For three decades, the KCS (or Knowledge Center Service) system has served as the gold standard for organizations looking to organize and deploy collective knowledge. The system defines the workflows and best practices critical to ensuring that all members of a service center are not only utilizing but contributing to the preservation and accessibility of knowledge.  

Whether your service center is looking to install the KCS structure for the first time or has been using it for years, you need a knowledge tool built to support it. RightAnswers is the first knowledge management platform to achieve the highest level of KCS verification from the Consortium for Service Innovation

4. Robust coaching and support

Of course, implementing the knowledge management system requires more than software. That’s why the right vendor should also deliver personalized support to help your company build its knowledge structure and culture.  

At RightAnswers, our certified KCS consultants offer coaching, development workshops and certifications to inspire and support change.   

Personalized support ensures that the knowledge management system aligns perfectly with your organization’s workflows, culture and goals. It addresses any unique challenges or complexities that may arise during the adoption or optimization process, resulting in a customized solution that maximizes the benefits and effectiveness of the knowledge management system for your company.

5. Flexibility in deployment

It has unfortunately become common for some providers to offer modular pricing, requiring additional purchase and subscriptions to get the full functionality of the knowledge tool.  

Modular pricing models can lead to fragmented systems and increased costs over time. By offering comprehensive functionality out of the box, the right platform enables organizations to optimize their knowledge management efforts without the hassle of piecemeal additions.  

That’s exactly what RightAnswers delivers. With the addition of powerful integrations, AI-powered authoring, KCS verification and robust support, RightAnswers is the ultimate solution for any organization looking to improve its productivity through knowledge management. 

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