The Most Secure Way to Capture, Process, and Deliver Information.

Extract Data from Anywhere

Convert data from any source – whether it’s paper, email, fax, digital files, or anything else – into useful intelligence.

Route to the Right Place

All information is processed, analyzed, and automatically delivered to its appropriate recipients and destinations.

Keep Your Data Secure

Stay within compliance and keep sensitive data secure with logging, backup, and data loss prevention.

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Empower Your Staff

Using AccuRoute, end users can use multiple means of entry to capture pertinent business documents. The central interface known as Web Apps allows users to create distributions, quickly convert, view the documents as they’re being sent through the processes along with many other related functions.

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Solutions for the Legal Industry

From depositions and contracts to court filings and invoices, legal document processing...

Solution Brief

Records Scanning

In today’s document-cluttered world, on-demand capture and records scanning are critical.


AccuRoute Overview

Enterprise-Class Document Capture and Workflow Platform.

White Paper

Racing to the Records Room: Digitizing Legal Archives

Record scanning lets firms reduce storage fees, increase accessibility to data, and...


AccuRoute and FileBound: Accounts Payable for Legal

Utilizing Upland AccuRoute’s seamless capture and extraction capabilities, coupled with Upland FileBound’s...

Case Study

Jackson Walker LLP

Law Firm Forges Ahead in Ambitious Quest to Permanently Replace the Paper...