AccuRoute Overview

Enterprise-Class Document Capture and Workflow Platform.

Enterprise-Class Document Capture, Fax, and Workflow Platform

AccuRoute is Upland’s document capture, fax, and workflow software solution to capture, process, deliver, and archive critical business documents. AccuRoute delivers flexible, distributed document capture out-of-the-box. Combined with a highly scalable infrastructure and configuration flexibility AccuRoute has the ability to easily implement solutions involving hundreds or millions of documents per month.

Solution Benefits

Increase productivity by making documents that were previously difficult to share accessible for collaboration and immediate action. Create electronic copies to reduce the potential of lost documents through mis-filing. Save time thanks to the ability to use existing end-user application screens, and eliminating the need to learn new, proprietary systems. Deliver documents to many destinations, in various formats, simultaneously – reducing time spent scanning.

Reduce costs by creating electronic document files to lower paper consumption. Decrease real estate and storage related to housing paper documents. Eliminate courier and overnight mail service fees. Remove analog fax lines and legacy hardware traditionally required to deliver documents. Leverage investments in existing hardware infrastructure.

Reduce liabilities and support corporate initiatives by adhering to a vast range of corporate record retention requirements, avoiding the risk associated with government regulations and industry mandates. Support green initiatives by eliminating the need for paper copies. Support disaster recovery thanks to preserved electronic files. Comply with regulations such as HIPPA, SEC 17(a), Sarbanes-Oxley and MiFed, and more.

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