Technology Expense Management Software

Effortlessly track and manage technology expenses with Upland Cimpl so your teams can focus on what they do best without limitations: Driving value.

Technology Expense Management Software Example #1

Drive your IT operations forward with precision

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Bills aren't paid on time?

Track, manage, and pay technology services with confidence. Never miss a bill again.

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At risk of over-spending IT budget?

Use real-time data to optimize technology spending within your budget. Not a cent more.

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Lack of visibility and reliable data?

Leverage integration capabilities to gain complete visibility into your technology footprint. Be in the know.

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Incurring IT waste?

Zero in on any loss and take quick action to resolve problematic usage, zero-usage devices, and billing discrepancies. Waste less, do more.

Why Choose Upland Cimpl?

Boost productivity with automation and reliable data

Automate ordering and billing processes. Plus, get accurate data with 250+ integration and communication points to boost productivity.

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Keep your usage on track

Robust platform and orchestrated ROI

We’re a part of your team

Get the best value from telecom contracts

Stuck on how to choose the best telecom contract? Having a contract action plan can help. Learn negotiation tips to future-proof your telecom contracts.

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Extend Your IT Team With Managed Services

Smooth order processing & management

We can process new orders, upgrades, transfers, disconnects, and more.

Inventory management support

We can help to verify and update your inventory and communicate with vendors.

Managed reporting and analysis

Don’t have time to analyze a wide range of reports? We’ll point out discrepancies and potential savings.

Improved dispute management

We can negotiate and resolve billing issues and discrepancies with your vendors so that you don’t lose a cent.

AP showback & chargeback

We can validate cost reports to the appropriate cost centers to improve decision-making and budget management.

Manual invoice loading

We’ll upload paper invoices and work with vendors on migrating to electronic invoices, so you never have to handle invoices manually ever again.

Multi-vendor communication

Need to integrate Cimpl into your tech stack? We can monitor and validate all vendor, company, and inventory communications.

Personalized professional training

One-on-one training and monthly webinars to optimize your use of Cimpl.

Ready to get things done?