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Track telecom inventory and services, and manage costs across your enterprise with one, centralized TEM product.

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Monitor and control all your telecom expenses in one place.

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Rationalize your total telecom spend.

Break down inventory and services for all your fixed wireline and wireless spend, and easily identify opportunities to save.

  • Maintain inventory accuracy, negotiate contracts, and identify hard dollar savings.
  • Isolate and act on problematic usage, zero-usage devices, and billing discrepancies.
Cimpl Benefit 2

Gain visibility across your entire enterprise.

Capture every component of your enterprise telecom and mobile inventory and services in one central, consolidated system.

  • Capture contracts for all fixed wirelines, wireless, data and infrastructure.
  • See all spend associated with IaaS services like website hosting, cloud applications, data storage, and more.
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Achieve cost transparency.

Analyze cost trends, usage patterns, and discrepancies across your telecom network, to spot unnecessary services and rationalize spend.

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Streamline processes and increase accuracy.

Automate the procure to pay lifecycle to save time, free up resources, and get more savings.

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Augment your team with managed services.

Get strategic expertise vested in your business to manage orders and provisioning, process invoices and contracts, handle contract disputes, and more.

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IT Financial Management & Telecom Expense Management: Better Together

Technology Expense Management can provide time and cost savings, while helping you manage a telecom inventory.

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Telecom expense management and then some

Upland Cimpl enables you to manage orders, invoices, inventory, and contracts so you can pay bills with confidence and reduce unnecessary costs.

Sourcing, procurement, and vendor management
  • Vendor selection and evaluation
  • Vendor and carrier scorecards
  • Vendor escalation
Telecom ordering and provisioning
  • Wireline service ordering
  • Integration with ITSM and carriers
  • Consolidated procurement reporting and analysis
Mobile procurement
  • Device ordering, kitting, imaging, and provisioning of services
  • Enterprise Mobility Management platform administration
  • Device repair and end-of-life recycling
Inventory management
  • Telecom, wireless, IoT, IT, cloud, and UCC assets
  • Employee and department-based allocation
  • Accurate asset inventory for data-driven procurement
  • Procurement processes with configurable notification workflows
Invoice, contract, and usage management
  • Invoice analysis, processing, and payment
  • Contract audit and optimization
  • Usage-based allocation and reporting
  • Discrepancy tracking, dispute management, and reconciliation
Business intelligence
  • Big data analysis
  • Role-based dashboards and reports for users, managers, and admins
  • At-a-glance indicator of inventory accuracy
  • Data pivots and drill-downs

We’ll grow with you.

With 230+ assets and service types managed and 250+ integration and communication points, we’re constantly evolving to meet new technologies and more complex needs.

And that’s just the beginning.

Let us show you what Upland Cimpl can do.

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