The Value of CRM Phone Integration

Integrating phone systems into a CRM in the contact center is an easy way to save time and improve the customer experience.

The Value of Connecting your Phone System and CRM

Call center agents often have to work across several different applications and manual processes at once. When a customer calls in with a question for example, agents often accept the call in one system, pull up customer account information in a second system, and log notes and action items in a third system. Creating new records and logging call details take a lot of extra clicks and add a lot of extra time to each call.

And if the experience is lousy for agents, it’s even worse for customers. Who hasn’t gotten upset at waiting on hold while a customer service representative retrieves their information? Or at having to repeat their information every time their call is transferred?

Connect Your Existing Phone System to your CRM for Immediate Results

In this eBook, you’ll learn how CRM phone integration technology plugs your existing phone system directly into your CRM to increase agent productivity and enhance the customer experience. You’ll gain insights into…

  • Key features of CRM phone integration technology, including screen pop, screen transfer, and automated call logging
  • The impact of CRM phone integration on contact center KPIs like call handle time, case handling capacity, and first call case resolutions
  • Critical business insights you can derive from CRM dashboards and reporting looking at call drivers and resource allocation

Integrating phone systems into a CRM in the contact center is an easy way to save time and improve the customer experience. Download the eBook to see how this type of integration can ignite agent productivity and enhance the experience for your customers!


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