Document composition and automation software

Optimize your transactional and promotional documents. Automate manual processes to enable digital transformation without changes to your existing systems.

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Add value to your important business processes

Objectif Lune vastly improves communications processes through OL Connect’s robust composition and automation capabilities.

Solve the integration challenge

Our middleware technology extends the functionality of existing systems, without the need for additional infrastructure investments.

Transition from paper to digital

Digitize document processes for invoices, purchase orders, and delivery notes to provide personalized, multi-channel, and interactive communications.

Automate business processes

Streamline document workflows and eliminate manual tasks to save time, reduce errors, and gain cost-saving efficiency.

Process automation with OL Connect

Discover OL Connect’s digital transformation capabilities. Learn more about business process and invoice automation, mail optimization, and interactive business communications.

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Streamline critical document processes and increase efficiencies

Our technology works to improve productivity and communications in various industries

Print Services

Optimize outsourced and in-house print services

  • Bring production-ready, unstructured, one-off, or recurring, print and mail jobs into a centralized and automated environment
  • Streamline workflows to regulate standard tasks and jobs



Financial Services & Public Sector

Improve efficiency, customize messaging, and maintain regulatory compliance

  • Generate personalized, consistent, and timely multi-channel communications with ease
  • Comply with industry standards and enrich document integrity by reducing manual intervention


Enhance existing systems for greater operational efficiency

  • Transform existing paper-based processes into automated document workflows
  • Increase performance, lower operational costs, and reduce time-to-market


Retail & Distribution

Accelerate information and order processing

  • Boost staff productivity and improve accuracy and visibility
  • Cut lead time, expedite order fulfillment, and grow supplier and customer relationships


Enrich and digitize healthcare documentation management

  • Decrease administration overhead and ensure compliance by eliminating inefficient and error-prone manual procedures
  • Enhance patient care with multi-channel document delivery and reminders

OL Connect is a robust and reliable solution with great personalization capabilities—a must-have in our market.

Sergio Herrera Gonzalez
IT Director, Ecological Mailing

Elevate your business communications

From data extraction to multi-channel delivery, OL Connect provides the tools you need for digital transformation.

Document Composition

Design or repurpose any of your documents

  • Create multi-channel communications within a single platform
  • Leverage data across systems to build dynamic documents
  • Enhance documents using text, images, variable data, and more

Process Automation

Automate processes and bridge systems

  • Apply corporate standards and guidelines for creating, processing, and delivering communications
  • Integrate with existing systems and third-party applications
  • Trigger business processes with ease

Multi-channel Output Management

Optimize print and expand to digital

  • Enable print or digital document distribution in various output formats
  • Utilize advanced features such as batch printing, sorting, and finishing
  • Maximize print production control with optimized output formats



Remote Printing

Submit and consolidate remote print documents efficiently

  • Simplify submission of print-ready documents
  • Centralize print jobs and facilitate digital communications
  • Enable faster approvals processes from any location
  • Ensure brand consistency across communications


Integrate seamlessly with most business systems

  • Interact with all existing structures such as ERP, line of business, or mainframe
  • Connect to ECM, DMS, email, digital signature, and print production systems
  • Modernize, digitize, and transition outbound communications from legacy systems

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