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Balance supply chain planning and execution with Upland Ultriva

Closed-loop, workflow-driven supply chain processes for improved visibility, collaboration and execution between buyers and suppliers.

Upland Ultriva’s Collaborative Supply Portal helps your material planners, buyers and suppliers collaborate together and execute day-to-day supply chain processes in one central system.

Synchronize raw material replenishment to manufacturing operations via supplier eKanban.

Automatically publish Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Forecast data from ERP systems to suppliers, release MRP planned orders, and manage MRP Exception messages.

Eliminate phone, email, and fax as the primary means of tracking order status.

Enable supplier acknowledgement of orders

Enforce supplier behaviors on shipment to include barcode labeling.

With Ultriva’s Collaborative Supply Portal, you get:

Better collaboration and execution between manufacturing and supply chain operations: Provide your material planners and buyers with the tools and manufacturing operation software they need to make fast, informed decisions on potential supply chain disruptions that could impact manufacturing operations. Synchronize your raw material supply chain to actual material demand signals from the plant floor. Automatically calculate optimal Kanban loop sizes based on historical average daily utilization and forecast increases or decreases.

Seamless material flow management: Ensure 100% visibility to order status from release of purchase orders through receipt and put-away at your receiving docks. Leverage supplier barcoding and RFID labeling and scanning to dramatically improve on the accuracy and timeliness of inventory data updates.  Collaboratively manage material flow between the buying and supplying work centers through the automated release of demand signals via eKanban. Data is efficiently exchanged to close the loop on your manufacturing and supply chain processes, providing a collaborative environment between consuming and supplying units within the plant, between multiple plants and out to external suppliers.

Maximum inventory velocity: Balance push-pull material replenishment to keep the right amount of raw, work in progress, and finished goods inventory. Powerful analytics and reporting provide visibility at part level of what is on-hand, on-order, in process, in transit, in receiving or inspection. Highly visual dashboards provide insight into current inventory state for on-hand and in-process purchase orders based on near real-time updates.

The Ultriva Collaborative Supply Portal is part of the Ultriva Lean Execution Suite, which offers end-to-end supply chain visibility, collaboration, and execution for manufacturers.

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