Success Story

United Wholesale Mortgage Ignites Agent Productivity and Increases NPS with InGenius

InGenius and Salesforce Omni-Channel Help Increase Cases Handled by 50%

Upland InGenius blended agent and Salesforce Omni-Channel allows each United Wholesale Mortgage agent to handle a combination of calls, chats, and cases. By seamlessly integrating the voice channel into their Omni-Channel customer service environment, United Wholesale Mortgage is able to manage agent workload and prioritize the voice channel when needed for a more empathetic customer service and faster case resolutions.

“Moving to Upland InGenius and Salesforce Omni-Channel integration has allowed us to hit our 3-hour SLA 100% of the time. Previously it would take almost a full day!”

Download the case study to learn more about the outcomes at this financial services firm!

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