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Before Bazaarvoice chose Clickability, web marketing was reliant on development resources on a regular basis for content management and changes, and those were either outsourced or accessed internally case by case, which was costly and encumbered. The team was reliant on Bazaarvoice internal IT support for hosting and configuration issues or changes and there was very little bandwidth that internal IT could apply. It’s CMS was based on Drupal, an open-source solution, which meant that even the smallest updates to content on the website required development resources that were not easily accessible to the team. This hamstrung the marketing team at a time when the company was growing quickly through international expansion and acquisition.

Bazaarvoice was about to undergo a global redesign and replatform of its website on a tight timeline and longer-term needed its marketing team to have the ability to update site content easily without help from IT; they needed a CMS to support these needs. With only a small team of 3 people responsible for content, they needed the ability for their marketers to independently author and manage content on the website.

“The best thing about working with Clickability has been the tightness of the relationship and the knowledge that we have a partner in technology and also strategy for our properties has really paid off for us overtime.” – Greg Frame, Director of Internet Marketing, Bazaarvoice


Bazaarvoice went through a robust selection process evaluating sixteen vendors based on over 50 criteria and demoing all of them. The process took nearly three months. Key criteria that Bazaarvoice considered during the evaluation process were:

Ease of Use: Bazaarvoice needed a solution that would liberate marketers to create, publish and manage content without being dependent on other development resources.

True Partnership Approach to Support: Bazaarvoice needed a trusted partner to support and train their team on the platform and help them meet a tight two-month development time to launch their rebranded websites globally.

High Performace and Scalable Infrastructure: Performance was critical — Bazaarvoice needed to know that their websites weren’t going to experience performance or reliability issues. They didn’t want to worry about their websites going down.

Support for Mobile Marketing Initiatives: With 20% of their traffic from mobile, growing their mobile channel was very important. They wanted to be responsive and needed a CMS that could publish content optimized for all screen sizes.

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Industry: High Technology

Headquarters: Austin, TX

Clickability Product: Clickability® Web Content Management (WCM) Platform


  • Reduce IT involvement in the website
  • Launch a global replatform of the website on a tight timeline
  • Empower marketers to create, manage and update website content
  • Launch new features and products quickly


  • Powerful easy-to-use WCM features and functionality
  • Responsive design capabilities to publish to all mobile screens
  • Trusted partnership with Clickability Services Team
  • SaaS delivery model and faster implementation times

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