Email Marketing for Publishers

Grow, engage and monetize your audience

Expand your subscriber list, drive ad revenue, and create lasting connections with your audience through personalized, data-driven email marketing for publishers.

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Purpose-built email & newsletter software

Streamlined ad inventory management

Easily sell advertising inventory of targeted audience segments to relevant advertisers thanks to Audience Inventory Management tool, complete with enforced frequency caps that protect against oversaturation.

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Simplified first-party data collection

Advanced newsletter personalization and automation

Unmatched inbox deliverability and customer support

The publisher’s guide to email monetization

Learn how to grow and engage your email database, allowing you to better monetize your audience via lucrative advertising partnerships in this step-by-step guide from Digiday & PostUp.

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Best-in-class newsletter software features built to drive your email KPIs

The trusted email monetization solution for media & publishing organizations

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Level up your list for email monetization

Want to grow your email list even faster and more effectively? Make it happen with Upland Second Street, the industry’s premier audience development tool, thanks to interactive quizzes, ballots, surveys, and more.

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