Email software to grow & monetize your audience

Expand and engage your subscribers like never before with email and audience development software purpose-built for media & publishing.

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Break through the clutter by personalizing messages and collecting zero-party data

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Easily curate email campaigns and newsletter programs at scale

Powerful email automation that enables you to effortlessly deliver the right content to the right audience every time

  • Increase engagement rates, send emails at the time when recipients are most likely to open them with intelligent delivery
  • Easily create compelling newsletters and email content with intuitive, drag-and-drop UI
  • Populate content without leaving your CMS via turnkey WordPress and CMS integrations
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Create valuable audience relationships and drive ad revenue with every send

Best-in-class audience development tools designed to transform casual visitors into loyal followers, boosting advertising revenue for your organization

  • Deploy mobile-optimized information capture widgets, sliders, and lightboxes to capture invaluable zero-party data
  • Increase advertising revenue via lucrative sponsored content placements and targeted promotions, driven by your large, highly engaged audiences
  • Effectively segment users with personalized content based on device, location, and on-site behavior
  • Continually improve your campaign performance with in-depth, up-to-date analytics dashboards
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Grow your audience.

Our audience development tools maximize your direct audience with email capture and browser push.

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Engage your audience.

With actionable first-party data and the ability to reconcile audience identity across devices, you can deliver personalized experiences.

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Monetize your audience.

Our turnkey advertising and subscriber monetization options enable you to diversify your revenue streams.

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We are seeing much better deliverability and higher Open and CTRs since moving to PostUp. In my experience very few technology vendors live up to their promises, and so far, PostUp meets and in many cases exceeds our expectations.

Dave Leskusky
President, NAPCO Media

eBook: Supercharge Your Email List with these 6 Proven Tactics for Publishers & Media Organizations

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Effectively monetize your media & publishing email campaigns.

Grow your lists and boost audience engagement with these must-have email marketing software features.

Newsletter Automation
  • Deploy newsletters, marketing emails, and other messaging with ease
  • Build newsletters with ease using the WYSIWYG editor
  • Choose self-service solutions, or tap into our email expertise to handle your campaigns and strategy
Breaking News Alerts
  • Send targeted alerts based on reader interests
  • Send instant updates via email, browser push, or SMS
  • Automate your news alerts to deploy when breaking articles are posted
Personalization & Targeting
  • Send targeted emails based on the content your subscribers consume
  • Serve up dynamic content, personalized with user data points
  • Personalize email content through our integration
  • Target users by device, location, and onsite behavior to deliver the most relevant messaging
  • Preview emails across devices/clients with render testing prior to sends
  • A/B testing that automatically deploys winning email version
  • Optimize your emails for maximum deliverability with seed testing
Reporting & Analytics
  • User-friendly data visualization with baked-in Tableau reporting
  • Prevent bots from skewing metrics with click quality mitigation
  • Analyze email data alongside site data with our Google Analytics integration
Email capture
  • Personalize capture based on user behavior
  • Integrates with your Google Analytics
  • Flexible, drag-and-drop capture forms maximize email list growth and first-party data collection
  • Deploy mobile-optimized capture widgets, sliders, and lightboxes customized to your site branding

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