Global means going local in today’s digital world

Companies have been expanding their global footprints for years, but now more than ever, globalization is becoming more mainstream. Companies of all sizes are looking to grow their businesses across multiple continents. While global expansion represents great opportunities for retailers to grow their brands and drive more revenue, it also poses several logistical and technical challenges. A company’s website is the core of its brand, especially for e-commerce and B-to-B companies. It’s where the conversion begins. So for companies going global, one of their top priorities — and challenges — is globalizing their websites.
Website globalization is a strategic, high-priority initiative for retailers spanning multiple vertical markets, and one that directly impacts site engagement, lead generation and revenue. However, successfully deploying your website in multiple countries throughout the world doesn’t mean a simple native translation of an organization’s primary site, but rather the development, deployment, localization and regular maintenance of many distinct sites with regionally specific content.

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