ComSci Service Costing For IT Producers

Understand the cost drivers behind the services you provide.

The ComSci ITFM solution empowers organizations to easily establish unit rates for the products and services that IT delivers to internal customers. Our offering creates a simple and efficient process to map cost drivers such as salaries and maintenance to the products and services provided by IT to the organization.

Once the template-based rules are established, the allocation rules can be automatically applied for future use. This means you can run your monthly expenses from your corporate financial system through the model to accurately calculate/re-calculate the unit costs of IT products and services. Users gain the ability to easily track and trend unit costs over time.

Fixed vs. variable

Assess fixed vs. variable components of product costs to identify and model cost savings opportunities.


Benchmark infrastructure costs against industry peers and alternative solutions such as Cloud Computing and Virtualization.

Activity-based costing

Perform activity-based costing to model product rates and determine the total cost of applications.

“What-if” analysis

Dynamic “what-if” analysis capabilities providing impact to product rates with changes in business assumptions and cost drivers.


ComSci enables organizations to easily establish and automate unit rates for the IT products and services delivered to internal customers

Configurable dashboards

Configurable dashboards to design the information best suited for each user