IT Financial Management Week – Chicago 2019

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Another great year, another great ITFM Show in Chicago!

Hard to believe an entire year has gone by and yet we find ourselves wrapping up the 14th annual IT Financial Management Week in Chicago. The conference ran from April 24 through April 26 at the Grand Wyndham Riverfront Hotel located in downtown Chicago, and had a full line up of speakers who gave in-depth presentations on challenges they faced when navigating the ITFM space. Even more meaningful was hearing how they’ve been able to overcome those challenges through the implementation of ITFM/TBM Tools, changes in policy/process or by rebooting their entire ITFM program in order to keep up with demand while driving innovation, achieving transparency and visibility within their organization.

Attendees greatly appreciated the opportunity to hear from peers and practitioners how they’ve been able to overcome challenges, while also having the opportunity to speak to ITFM Vendors and Service Organizations on their software and solutions aide in driving success.

Our Director of Project Financial Management and Product Marketing Robert J Bracco was on-hand and spoke to many attendees who all had the same questions on how ITFM could help drive efficiencies. Everyone appreciated the opportunity to talk to Bob and others from Upland about how we’ve helped large enterprises achieve success in the space.

In case you missed the show, below is a summary and highlights:

April 24 – Pre-Conference workshops

Pre-Conference workshops were held with discussions focusing on recovering from lackluster implementations, to becoming more agile in your Financial Efforts, and developing a chargeback process that is second to none.

April 25 and 26 Main Conference highlights

The main conference did not let up and provided attendees with multiple options for working sessions, roundtable discussions, and team breakouts. The conference included our favorite session, the ITFM Demo Drive where groups can see each vendor’s solution in action via a 10-minute demo.

In Summary

We always enjoy each opportunity to see everyone in the ITFM Profession at  industry shows and events. The ITFM Week Conference did not disappoint, and we look forward to attending in 2020 as we continue to expand our offerings, partner with great clients, and help shape the foundation of the industry.

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