Modernizing Your TBM System – What You Need To Know


Modernize your TBM systems Upland webinar with Thavron Solutions

While the industry has been talking about modernizing technology and business management for years, many organizations including the Federal Government are placing a heavy emphasis in 2019 to begin those efforts and kick start their initiatives.

The overarching goal we hear from clients is that management wants to provide more visibility into the cost of IT and business services, both to the service provider and to the buyer. Compounding this issue is that they are faced with the need to modernize existing Technology Business Management (TBM) infrastructure which can be problematic at best. Many organizations still struggle with manual spreadsheets or working with legacy systems simply do not provide the level of transparency and detailed visibility required to support effective billing processes or strategic decision-making.

Upland ComSci can help.

In our webinar Modernizing your TBM system: What You Need to Know and learn the top 3 key success factors – and 2 pitfalls to avoid when defining the systems and processes needed for an effective financial management strategy.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The definition of TBM and what that means for your organization
  • The key pillars of a successful TBM strategy
  • How to define a roadmap to maturity
  • How to execute a successful roadmap for TBM success

Access this webinar on replay and then you’re ready, contact us for a demo and learn how we can help you modernize your TBM Systems.


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