Eclipse PPM v6.0 Next Gen Release

The Next Gen of Eclipse PPM empowers project management professionals

Our latest version includes a number of new enhancements and improvements to the User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), modern technology stack and overall provides you with a slick, new feel to our Dashboards, Home Page, Timesheets, and Resource Management.

Improved User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)

A better user experience improves the utility and usability of an application, which translates to increased efficiency and productivity.


  • Simplified tasks and functionality for everyday users
  • Provide a consistent experience across the entire platform
  • Relying on recognition over recall
  • Incorporating latest technology

Eclipse Home

One-stop landing page enabling users to interact with time-relevant work items without digging through the application.


  • Review and take action on your time-relevant work items from the “My Work” panel
  • Improve time-entry compliance by using the daily “Time Entry” panel
  • Collaborate with other users via the “Comments” panel
  • Get updates on activity from other users using the “Activity Feed” panel


Track and investigate your entire portfolio from one place with our powerful and performant dashboards.


  • Customizable layouts and highly configurable data panels
  • Advanced charting with drill-down functionality for deeper investigation
  • Tabular data can be grouped, sorted, and aggregated to meet your organizational reporting needs


Track and approve resource time at a granular level across projects and tasks.


  • Users can build a timesheet based on their scheduled work, and by adding other items on demand
  • Approvals can be configured per project or resource depending on your organizational requirements
  • Help management understand the time-entries by adding notes at the daily or weekly level

Resource Planning And Management

Effectively plan, allocate, and monitor resource demand and utilization across the entire project portfolio.


  • Build high-level resource plans using generic or actual resources, and perform “what-if” analysis before a detailed work plan is defined
  • Review, manage, and report on work plan allocations across the entire portfolio
  • Pivot data by project or resource to analyze from a project manager or resource manager perspective